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jerk me off>? wtf?


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Alright, so it wasn't a fucking party listing, no party was fucking mentioned, i can point fingers at numourous parties mentioned within the room.... WTF?

nothing to get all jerked off about , but simply it does piss me and others off.

all i posted was a fucking link to a internet radio show that we blatantly prop TRIBE to keep in touch.

RE: banhammer, you need to chill the fuck out, if anything our plug and show do you good not harm, ease the fuck up.\\\

here is the archive link *AGAIN* delete me what?

Curt Martin 8pm - 9:15pm

Heiko Laux - hangin' - Tresor
Laux + Olsson - luna Llena - Kanzleramt
Heiko Laux - T.P.R - Kanzleramt
Stonemaker - empire state - Bellboy
Sterac - against i (remix) - Kanzleramt
Berg + Blender - deep driving - Konfekt
Useless - pretty smile - Horsphase
JB3 - believer - Novamute
Heiko Laux - liquidism - Kanzleramt
Vegas Soul - bubbler - Bellboy
MLA - element A - 3ton
Maurizio - domina - Maurizio
Pressure Funk - raw spirit - Soma
Vegas Soul - retrograde - Bellboy
Marco Carola - diapason - Zenit
Sound Associates - music - Spot On
Anthony Rother - when i rock (remix) - Bush

Stewart Douglas 9:15pm - 10pm

Max Durante/Keith Tucker - detroit to rome - Electrix
G Man - el jam (original) - i22O
John Thomas/Olivier Micheli - external remix - Logistic
Johannes Heil - golden dawn - Kanzleramt
Dj Shufflemaster - slip inside you - Tresor
Adam Beyer + Joel Mull - maru pt. 1 - Drumcode
Regis - rise - Downwards
James Ruskin - eight - Tresor
Dj Pierre - matrix chamber - Kozzmozz
Ben Long - stringz - Primate
Greg Gow/Arthur Oskan - debris - Restructured
Karl O'Connor - join us in paradise - Tresor

this is not spam, this is community...been doing this for 4 years here, why the deal now. dont make me rat everyone else out.


just spreadin the techno jive yo'
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wow buddy chill out , gettin' all worked up huh?



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thanks for the re-post Stewie...

Tuning in on a Sunday morning while replying to a few emails... working on other assorted web stuff... and a cup of green tea! :cool:

Very nice! :)