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Jeremy -The Birthday Boy- Jive

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Guest, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Happy Birthday Jeremy!!

    It could be your birthday, it might not be (though I did scam more Birthday threads on my non-birthday than you.)

    Well happy 25th to you fellow shit disturber, Mr Jive.
  2. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    Happy Birthday to my favorite partner in smart-assery! :D


  3. daddyiwantchocolate

    daddyiwantchocolate TRIBE Member

    Happy Birthday :)
  4. Smiley Jo

    Smiley Jo TRIBE Member

    Hooray for JER!


    Jer, you're the ish.
    You're also the first one I met off the board.
    And you're Heidi's friend, so I know you're extra cool.
    Plus you spin beatz I like even though I haven't heard ya in almost a year.

    I wish you all the best on your birthday, and hope to see you mad drunk on Thursday and on Friday!!

    Joanna [​IMG]
  5. BigBadBaldy

    BigBadBaldy TRIBE Member

    Happy Birthday Mostly-faceless-arranger-of-text-which-I-in-turn-read-known-as-Jeremy!

    May it be full of joy and well-heeled debauchery!


    Perhaps one day I too will sometimes have a face.
  6. Chris

    Chris Well-Known TRIBEr

    Happy Birthday to the Jive Man.

    You are my ambassador of comedy gold

    Happy 25th
  7. Mr_Furious

    Mr_Furious TRIBE Member

    happy 25th

    sheesh, thats halfway to 50
  8. TaCk OnE?

    TaCk OnE? TRIBE Member

    Cheers Jer.

    have a good one.

  9. TheLiquidFairy

    TheLiquidFairy TRIBE Member

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Bad-as-can-be. You're comments and threads are always interesting to me and you're quite the character overall...and yet I haven't met ya yet.

    May your day be filled with fun, laughter, many many many many alcoholic beverages, and many many many many many many women who would love to perform copulatory acts with you. ;)

    Keep on Jivin' Jeremy ;)
    C is for Cookie..mmmm

    Last edited: Mar 27, 2002
  10. Cameron

    Cameron TRIBE Member

    happy birthday :)
  11. MBoy

    MBoy TRIBE Member

    Happy Birthday, man. All the best.

    Cheers. :) -Duncan
  12. doodlebug

    doodlebug TRIBE Member

    :D Happy Birthday!!!:D

    have a great day!

  13. Cheeka

    Cheeka TRIBE Member

    JER :D - Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
    we will celebrate properly on Friday... bring on the madness yo!!
    I'm getting pyched to ride Vanessa ;) - should be an amazing summer!!
    I hope that you have an amazing year - you definitely deserve it!!
  14. Sassy

    Sassy TRIBE Member

    Happy Birthday Jeremy!!! :)

    I hope you have a great one and an even better year!, glad you could be here to celebrate it and didn't move to New York :)p haha)

    Hope to see you out Friday night! :D
  15. OTIS

    OTIS TRIBE Member

    Happy birthday to yooooo!
  16. Kalemic

    Kalemic TRIBE Promoter

    Happy Birthday Weirdo! :D

    PS. you STILL have the best quote from Bittersweet ;) "No, I can't count that high". :D
  17. Rosey

    Rosey TRIBE Member

    happy birthday jeremy, if that is your real name, if it really is your birthday.
  18. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    This reminds me of camp last summer where I'd bring my class back down to the meeting area and all of a sudden my coordinator makes a bogus "special announcement."

    "So today is a VERY special day! It's Sunny's birthday!!!" but it wasn't my birthday at all. Then 60 rambunctious kids with sniffly noses mauled me with hugs and birthday paddy wacks. I'm still recovering from my injuries.

    Jeremy, if it is your birthday, I hope 60 Tribers maul you with hugs and birthday paddy wacks.
  19. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

    happy birthday akia! ;)

    see you this weekend for some birthday shenanigans.
  20. JayIsBored

    JayIsBored TRIBE Member

    i'm not saying happy birthday till i see some proof
  21. ~Loress~

    ~Loress~ TRIBE Member

    Happy Birthday :)

  22. Jeremy Jive

    Jeremy Jive TRIBE Member

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Its not a hoax. My birthday is tomorrow and will be celebrated at Milano's then Roxy Blue tomorrow. And Madbar on Friday. My drunken stooper should start tomorrow after work and end sometime on Monday morning. Feel free to join in on the action.

    Keith is trying to round up a bib that says "Its my birthday" just in case I need one.

    jeremy -birthday boozin- jive
  23. ChROmE

    ChROmE TRIBE Member

    Birthday Lightning!

    So the time has come to pass on the birthday THUNDER!

    Happy Birthday Jeremy!

    Glad that you will be out at Friday night in sharing of the Birthmonth festivities. Shotgun on the back alley of Mad Bort for the BARFday sessions.


    ChRomE- I know it's your birthday so stop bitching to me about your THUNDER - JIVE


    Happy Birthda you crazy cat!!!
    have a good one...one day we can play powerpuff girls monopoly again. and win, cuz vinder sucks.
  25. Uncle Bobby

    Uncle Bobby TRIBE Promoter

    Happy Birthday Jer,

    We'll see you upstairs at Mad Bar Friday for some Red Lion action!


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