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jeremy jive - bloom |deep house|

Jeremy Jive

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Ok I know it's been a really long time since I've posted up a mix. But obviously things have been busy and I've been concentrating on my photography and all but.... things are back in good order.

I've got a new mix posted up on my website. It's a bit of a different sound. More deep, dubby and drummy. And all good house music. Out of all the mixes I've done, I'm more excited about this one than any of the others. Maybe it's because it's been a while and maybe it's because I used a bunch of classic tracks that I've wanted to use for a while but haven't found the right time. Maybe it's something else entirely...

Well anyways, here is the tracklisting and the link to download. I hope you enjoy it.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD --> jeremy jive - bloom

* Boogie Wolf – Deep Drawn

* Just Dance (Cosmic Ritual Dub) – Mr. V

* Your Love (Ian Pooley Summertime Mix) – Noel Nanton

* Free For All feat. Paul St. Hilaire (Soundstream Remix) – Rhythm & Sound

* Back From Exile – The Timewriter

* Some Day – The Beard

* Triple Shifter – Head Nodding Society

* Magnificient – Iz & Diz

* Lovelee Dae (Jake Childs Remix) – Blaze

* Bring The Beat Back – Mr. V

* Come On (Bounce To This Mix) – Miguel Migs

* I Like The Way (Troydon Mix) – Kaskade

* Tie Me Up (Subtle Dub) – Land Shark

* Monk Sea – Ronin


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i've always been a fan of your mixes so i'm pretty excited to plug this into the pod tonight!
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Loving this mix a whole bunch, thanks for sharing it with me Jeremy. I think it's one of your best mixes yet, pretty good for taking such a break since the last one!!


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just started my evening with the wife and some wine - perfect music for the night

not to mention


Your Love (Ian Pooley Summertime Mix) – Noel Nanton
Back From Exile – The Timewriter
I Like The Way (Troydon Mix) – Kaskade

in the mix :D

don't forget your headphones


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Ok so this has been in the cd player all week in the car and I have to say its the best mix I have heard in a while. I seem to be playing it over and over haha.

That second song around the 10-11min mark is insanely amazing!!!

Nice work come back man!
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