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and new Beastie Boys...
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in mere months... this thread will turn 15.
JEMZ and the gang... just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you all today.

cheers from your still in saskatoon pal...
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Metal Morphosis

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just re-read your post on the previous page about your Dad Jamie.
we've had one helluva summer over here - my Dad is about to have 8hour surgery to remove a gigantic cancerous tumour from his mouth / lymph node.

he noticed something under his tongue in April, and when it didn't go away and started rapidly growing he had it biopsied at the end of June. It was diagnosed as cancerous on July 6th - oddly enough the same day that my 3 year old broke his femur and ended up in a hip spica (body cast) for 5 weeks.

My dad waited for nearly a month for a CT scan to see if it had metastasized anywhere else - the scan was done the day my son's cast was removed and it showed that yes, it had spread to one lymph node. In the time that he waited for the scan, he quickly went downhill. I couldn't get out to see him b/c i was basically housebound with my 3 year old in his fucking cast. The tumour has taken up so much room in his mouth that he can no longer swallow or eat and has a feeding tube from his nose into his stomach to get enough nutrition to see him through to the surgery on Tuesday.

in addition - my dad is type 2 diabetic and has a history of strokes so they're hopeful he even survives the surgery - he's at high risk to stroke out in the OR. For the surgery, they cannot intubate him in the regular fashion - there's not enough room so they'll do a tracheotomy and put a feeding tube through his abdomen. We're hopeful that he doesn't have much damage done to his voice box / throat - he could end up with a neck stoma and or the feeding tube for the rest of his life.

assuming he survives the surgery, he'll require radiation to hopefully finish off the cancer.
he's so fucking weak and is down to 145lbs. It's not at all pretty and we're all scared of the inevitable.

He just turned 72.
so yeah, fuck cancer
and fuck smoking too.

if you smoke - good fucking luck.

in other news, my 3 year old is walking with a limp, we're hopeful that he continues to recover and that it goes away eventually. we'll be seeing the docs at SickKids on Wednesday for a follow up.

truly waiting for this summer of shit to be over. fuck you 2015

thanks for listening.

Metal Morphosis

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we missed this thread's 15 year anniversary.
guess no one checks around these parts anymore. no one responded to my message in August about my dad, he subsequently died in October on my parents' wedding anniversary / my son's 4th birthday - same kid who broke his femur on the same day that my dad was diagnosed with cancer. great year all around FML.
here's to 2016 and new beginnings!