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Jelo's newest!

Discussion in 'House Room' started by littlestevee, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. littlestevee

    littlestevee TRIBE Member

    Jelo's new Cd "Live at System" is now avail for pre-ordering at the HMV website for only $13.99 - GREAT price!
    :D :D :D
    I can't wait to get this awesome CD. :p
  2. ndrwrld

    ndrwrld TRIBE Member

    you are here....very old

    the girl in the front row, in the purple / blue tank top, either
    a - shes about to sneeze
    b - blow chunks
    c - all of the above.
  3. TRO

    TRO TRIBE Member

    wheres waldo D
  4. physix

    physix TRIBE Member

    lol @ the two girls in the bottom left corner

    as if they smell some serious BO

    probably that guy standing to their right.

    he looks like he stinks.

    (which is worse than actually smelling badly, by the way)
  5. JOSHB

    JOSHB TRIBE Member

    I like Waldo's hat.
  6. Jeremy Jive

    Jeremy Jive TRIBE Member

    Real Jello has 2 L's in it.
  7. Dr Funk MD

    Dr Funk MD TRIBE Promoter

    Wow. Cri's skirt is shorty short!
  8. Mrs. Pink

    Mrs. Pink TRIBE Member

    Alexd has the crazy thumb.

    "sorry baby, this thing has a mind of it's own"
  9. jasonchaos

    jasonchaos TRIBE Promoter

    your a punk, lucky i can't kick your ass from canada
  10. physix

    physix TRIBE Member

    but i can smell ya all the way over here!

    i'll be in t-dot soon enough

    you can do whatever then

    just make sure you bathe.

  11. Eclipze

    Eclipze TRIBE Member

    no kidding.. lori looks trashed as usual
  12. DancingQueen169

    DancingQueen169 TRIBE Member

    What System night was this recorded at?

    Can't possibly be the one 2 weeks ago....
  13. littlestevee

    littlestevee TRIBE Member

  14. JOSHB

    JOSHB TRIBE Member

  15. physix

    physix TRIBE Member

    the answers to the questions
    DancingQueen169 posted may
    be in those threads...

    at least, that's what i took out
    of it... i could be wrong.
  16. DancingQueen169

    DancingQueen169 TRIBE Member

    Thanks! :)

    It was the Aug 26th night....says in the review in the 2nd link
  17. littlestevee

    littlestevee TRIBE Member

  18. KillaLadY

    KillaLadY TRIBE Member

    That picture is full of Tribers.
  19. d.code

    d.code TRIBE Member

    nice cover art.
  20. littlestevee

    littlestevee TRIBE Member

    Track Listing for Jelo Live at System

    Flipside - Intro

    Mike Monday - Bootyfunk

    Chris Anderson - Rock Freak

    Aquafix - Drunken Stars (Aquavivas Drunken Dub)

    Josh Da'Funky 1 - Universal Sound(House Moguls Rmx.)

    Mark Almaria - Get Down

    SpekrFreks - Mindgames(Rick V. & SpekrFreks Rmx.)

    Chris Anderson - Go

    Laidback Luke - Switch

    Chris Anderson - Funk - O - Meter

    Chris Anderson - Rollin' (tool from Fragments)

    Jelo Vs.The Commercial State Feat. DJ Dopey - Rok Dat' ! (Live)

    Audiosauce - Freebird

    Jelo & The Phat Conductor - Dance, Dance, Dance

    Angel Alanis - Wickedness(Bryan Cox rmx.)

    Chris Anderson - U can't stop

    Los 3 Brasileros - Vivo ! (Eric Sneo rmx.)

    Flipside - Outro

    BONUS TRACK : Divine Brown - Old School Love (Jelo Remix)
  21. Poot

    Poot TRIBE Member

    heehee - I can see not only me, but my orange earplugs, too!!!

    This album is a treat -- I'm so thrilled I was there for it. :)
  22. Skipper

    Skipper TRIBE Member

    Werd Josh! Love this track.
    (don't remember you playing it though :confused: )
  23. physix

    physix TRIBE Member

    ^^i smell ableton shens!!!

  24. litespeed

    litespeed Well-Known TRIBEr

    FYI the writting on the back and front of the CD are actually Jelo's hand writting.
  25. Sugar D

    Sugar D TRIBE Promoter

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