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Jelo @ Hush


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This man....my god what a genious! Jelo came in to Victoria with such style and energy. The crowd was hyped that he was in town and this led to wicked energy and insane dancing. Jelo pulled out the styles and played one of the best sets I have heard from him since Donald Gluade and Jelo at System Soundbar.

I was dancing hard all night ... as were the rest of the crowd. Mike(ninja) and I were dancing it up Ontario styles...pure madness I say!

Thanks Jelo for the wicked night and it was great to see you out!
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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what a great night is all I can say! such good times , I promised my self i'd just stay for jelo's first mix and have a few drinks then off to bed due to having to get up early for work and snowboaridng (one and the same ) but ended up staying till the very end

What a great set, so pumpin and fun, jelo bobbin his head so hard you'd thnk he'd have whiplash by the end of the night.
thanks for the great night josh.