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Got there about midnight to hear Stretch & Hooker funkin' up the place. Hooker threw down "Mark Farinas' Radio and my friends and I lost it. Stretch played this Digital Underground remix or something that was absolute killer later on in the evening. Tim and Myka did their Tag Team duties downstairs to an energetic crowd. Great set as usual. Then Jelo got on and played a lot funkier and groovier than usual IMO. Much to my liking! He seemed to stay away from the hard metalic stuff he sometimes plays. Close to close I requested Overdose and 20 minutes later the mother of all breaks was dropped.:cool: Looked like he was having a good time except for people bumping the tables which screwed with a couple of his mixes. Never the less I stayed to close and had a blast and in true Jelo style when the night was over people were yelling for 1 more and he gave it too them.
:cool: Fridays at Element never fail.