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JELO - Bolt Action Recoil

J e l o

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Brand new live set recorded for Bolt! Bass radio
Starts off housey and vibes into something heavier until it's fully running.
1hour set. This will be uploaded onto the JELO podcast as well. If you're not a part of the podcast then head over to itunes and subscribe today. DL each episode and share away. enjoy!

J E L O - JELO - Bolt Action Recoil [Special set for Bolt! Bass Radio on di.fm] | Mixcloud

1. Si Begg - PreEmptive T1 AlexandriaPalace 1936
2. Kid Robot Freaky Work
3. Jonathan Rosa - Everywhere that I go
4. Four on the floor (Eat Everything Rmx)
5. JohnDahlback - Get Wild
6. C- lime Woman
7. Bassjackers & Apster - Klambu
8. Fedde Le Grand , Sultan & Ned Sheppard - Long Way Home
9. Style of Eye - After Dark (Nom De Strip Rmx)
10. Adam K - you're not alone (Stuart Software Rmx)
11. DallaK - Alienz (botnek Rmx)
12. Tiga - You gonna want me (Hey! Today! Rmx)
13. Rob Marmot &MyDigital Enemy 0 African drop(Tom Staar rmx)
14. Alex Kenji - Get what you give
15. JELO & Jefr Tale - Battle of Bunker Hill
16. Hatiras & JELO - SpeakerHumper(Frederik Mooij Rmx)
17. Nico (Hertz Rmx)
18. JELO - Go for launch
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