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You know, until you see JELO - I will never be able to describe how awesome he truly is.

This dude can turn a dead crowd into a pumping humping jumping and ROARING ONE!

He played the house BEBA needed to hear. That's what I love about this dude.
He is so versitile, esp when it comes to any crowd. WTF he was playing how long ago? at el mocambo? totally different set with Robb G

boy, did he have the place pumping.

My recommendation, if you don't believe and you want to hear him play.

GO TO PRIDE [I can't recommend his birthday do because i don't know how trash he will be! HAAH! ]

It's free - it won't cost you anything - throw away those that anti-homo atttide, go with a bunch of people and trust me you WILL HAVE A BLAST!


Jelo was great @ beba.

It wasn't so hot at beba. surprise surprise.

I like it there, It's not bad. No airs no attitude.




cause everytime you turn on the music
you can't control what comes over me

it's so true eh?

who is it by? man now i have to concentrate

boney m dude is in it

shit. i'll post it later.
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not surprised to hear it was great ;)

wish i could have made it, but I've been out of commission the past couple of days.


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it was pretty good...i had to be at lily for most of the night..but i got pretty wasted and headed over there...Jelo rocked it..and to the guy who was supposed to get me pot and then got fucked up and dropped it on the floor and lost it...that totally sucked...TO be honest i was a little shocked by the high level of sketch that was there last night...i've been going to beba for a long time and maybe i just never noticed it before but dude if you're going to do cocaine i'm not going to judge you just dont do it standing at the bar like a complete fucking cracker its disgusting.
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