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Jelo at System


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Was psyched to check this out, and Jelo did not disappoint. Awesome! :D

My only gripe was that I had to check out early - it had been a long day, and I was exhausted.

(Strangely, I awoke on the couch, many hours later, hazy, with a Jelo CD playing in the background? Was it all just a dream? :p )


Josh: so sorry for booking out early, Dude. Maybe I'll catch you on Wednesday :)

Geminigirl: very nice to meet you :)
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Interesting night for sure.
kind weird being in system while they were in the middle of renovations. It felt like I was in a warehouse or something. I'm very interested to see what it's going to look like finished.
As for Jelo, he ripped it as usual. I don't know any other DJ's that could pull of dropping the Offspring in the middle of a set. :eek:


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Super nice to meet you Jessica!!:)

I am sooooooo hyped about the new renovations...so hyped!!
I have to say that I was getting a little bored with System (even though it is my fav club along with Element). I think it was definitely time to see a change. This makes me so happy. Last night I felt like I was in a totally different space! I love that! I arrived a little on the late side, sometime after 1, so I just caught the tail end of Steve and Wayne's set. I wish I could have got there earlier, but I didn't leave Newmarket til 12:30...bah! I LOVE the dj booth at the back. I can't wait to see what the club will look like when it's done.

So yes, JELO rocked out as per usual!!!;) I have never seen Jelo play a set I don't like. Love him everytime! It was kinda a weird/different crowd last night. There were quite a few regulars that I expected to be there who weren't. But a fantastic night nonetheless! I wanted to stay longer, but my bed was calling my name.

Hey Joanne, I looked for you...but you weren't there.:( Another time!

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Originally posted by geminigirl

Hey Joanne, I looked for you...but you weren't there.:( Another time!


I fell asleep and my bf never woke me up, I actually made a thread about it. I was soo upset... :(
Glad to hear the night turned out awesome.
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Hit this up for someone's birthday ;)

We were surprised by the renovations...but Jelo and Evil P got the crowd that come into the mood to have some fun. Jelo's set was a terrific mix of tunes, 40 records per hour is alot of work and offers a great variety for dancing enjoyment. Lots of fun.

Booked @ 4:00 ish...the birthday girl left @ 3:00. All in all a fun Saturday out, and a great finish to a day of chilli, winterlicous and dancing with friends.