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Jelo and Joe Manzone's Bday extravaganza!


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holy shit!
if I didn't have to work from 8AM to around mdnight tomorrow (once a year thing) I'd still be all over this party.
wow. Joee Cons tearing it up till around 12:00. then 1/2 of the birthday duo, Jelo, lit it up. I finally talked to him for the first time in god knows how many years (Im pretty sure he was picking my records out at EasternBloc back then), still the same fantastically nice guy. he Tribespotted klubmasta will for me.
anyway, highlight of the early night was absolutely the special guest. DJ DAN simply walking around talking to people. I finally got to tell the man how in love I still am with 'Another Late Night'. this actually surprised him and he said he really appreciated it because he 'took alot of bad criticism for it back in california'. how can you not love that fucking mix? it's definitely in my top 5.
anyway, for those reading before 3AM, Jelo is on. 100.7FM, or club246.com.\Im off to bed.
TIL tomorrow night.
Happy bday Jelo and Joe.
two of the finest in the city, without question.
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Had to bail early from there as well, but enjoyed myself regardless...

Hotel is a nice little spot, but with an awkwardly placed dj booth...whatever, the place was goin' off well, and there were TONS of hot girls all over the place (must be the same ones who hit up TIL on fridays, lol...). Checked out Joee Cons for a bit, as well as Jelo (nice to see DJ Dopey make a cameo and scratch it up a bit)...oh, before I forget, some of the nicest doorstaff, simply let me and my girls right in, awesome.

I rarely get to 'go out' on a Thursday night as I'm usually dj'ing, but I was able to escape the second half of my night to enjoy this...happy birthday manzone and jelo!


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Hands down the nicest guy in the scene.....I owe you everything bro!! All the best on your BDAY (mine too, haha), round 2 tommorow.
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great party...awesome seeing so many friends out....Josh played a fun set that had us dancing most of the time.
I found this pic on another site... some friends and I dancing (andy,me,trish,shallen)




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PolishPrincess said:
lol....lift your jaw from the ground....
glad you had fun Tobes...if you're good maybe ill bring you out again with some of my girls. haha

Arite, so it'd be you, me, trish, rach...sounds good to me:D
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