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Jello throwin down an awesome set...


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of spoken wordplay, verbal skirmishes, waxed politik, and very holy resurrections of Tipper Gore. (and yes I mean of the Biafra fame, not the DJ)

Who's in!? Kalifornia Uber Alles, bitches!


Jello Biafra
Spoken Word Performance
Saturday April 16th 2006

Convocation Hall, University of Toronto
31 King's College Circle
Tickets: $16.00

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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otis, any idea if he's doing any new york shows?

(yes, i could google it, but i'm feeling lazy)


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Tipper Gore can come back to life....BUT...Linda Tripp....can remain dead. She's still alive, but should remain dead. Get me? Wicked!

She's uglier than two pidgeons and a hairless cat trapped in a ziplock bag on asphalt on the hottest summer day!

But her two kids are gorgeous--go figure.

I'm in.