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jeff samuel

Destro Sanchez

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since most people were at richie gettin there shoes scuffed up...the rest of us were at a nice open loft/gallery space (really nice up there!) :D:D:D

Hani, who started it off, was a great surprise for me. Played some of my favourite tracks of the moment. I can see him improving his skills and becoming someone to watch out for.

Mr Lazor was next and he brought the tech side to his set, instead of the deep house. Which had me reeling on the dancefloor.

Then Jeff Samuel came correctly with some sick, sick wax. Pretty decent mixing with lots of good quirky cuts

Bleepy Raw Jack Tracks (DBX etc....you would of creamed, Isoprax :D)

The kinda techno I love. Twisted, interesting and not too clinical and uselessly hard
(richie who?)


BYOB at tech house parties in art lofts with hardwood floors to dance to your hearts content with lovely people makes for a magical evening.

no jennstarr shoutouts, I'll leave that to tekkid

but needless to say everyone who I wanted to be there
(with the exception of Jesse Bones and Dave Wiz) was there dancing beside me. :D:D:D

top it all of with the fact that:

(fell off the wagon pretty hard last night)
Stop Bill C-10

jockey slut

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to quote DESTRO....... Clicktastic

well lemme see

still goin from last night, no one i was with @ the party
is awake anymore
teknoprincess woke up early [ 6am ]hehehe only the chupa, and gave me a shout, with
the promise of beer for me n tekkid, and chillin etc at the after after party

slighty b4 that, i had the pleasure of being a\@ alchemy's place with tekkid, @M, dylan t, geoff, Kimmy!!!

and i can say, our after party had SD himself w/ @M of the DUKES
playing 2GETHER :eek: on not 2, but 3 MUTHA FOOKIN DECKS

muahahahahahaha, our after party was THE PANTZ

whoever i forgot sorry, its been a long day, so far

venue, new spin gallery is IMO
wood floors, get your groove on royt propa
BIG open space, lots of dark seedy tekno-ness to it
sound was decent, nothing spectacular, but makes system look like a fisher price toy [ sound quality only ] not offensive ugliness, system wins that one too


got there like 10 mins to 2am
eliot lazar was on deck, was so busy saying hi to people and catching up [ @M & KF ] really good to see you too :D, i didnt really listen to his set much, but served as good background till samuel got on

jeff samuel, well production yes, very nice, very quirky, funky, bounced all over the echelons [ lack of solid programming ] of techno, techouse, and sometimes allbeit dissapointing [ tribally house bass rhythms ]

but all in all, tunes were good
technical spinning skill
at least 5 wreak-ages that i heard, and i dont know, maybe i am wrong, but when you cant mix your own tracks, potentially not paying enough attention to the SPUN aspect of his set rather, than the production

at the end, as he was signing off, i asked if he would play something, clicky [ matt ;) ] dark, bassy, whatever,

and he just que'd up a track, not yet released, soon to be though [ spectral label ] and its not ready by far, but the last 2 mins of it, was nice and minimal bangin [ what was with the little short guy tweaking the track? , seemed very surreal ]

all in all, i am so glad hawtin played last night as well, cuz the crowd @ jeff samuel was perfect, and i am glad everyone had room to dance

great show exp overall, good venue, bathrooms were a fucking hilarious venture, i love BYOB's, music was good, and lots of fun, AGAIN PEEPS that came out

i love techno

peace, to my krew, you are amazing people
SD brutha, whats up fer this nights DE BAUCH?

-jybot clickbot

p.s. - richie who? [ long live DESTRO, dood you were amazing to watch last night, hi JUDY!!!! ]:D


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this is where i would've been had i not gone to the buck65 show

i actually wanted to go afterwards but i was just too tired from standing for 3 hours ...

pizza + beer + tv >> going out to a club ;0)

i definately can't wait until this venue gets used again for a similar jam ... BYOB owns!


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Originally posted by Destro Sanchez
Then Jeff Samuel came correctly with some sick, sick wax. Pretty decent mixing with lots of good quirky cuts

Bleepy Raw Jack Tracks (DBX etc....you would of creamed, Isoprax :D)

le sigh...
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I am so glad I made it out to this event! It was a good party in a awesome space! So many familiar faces that I was hoping to see, plus I met many new faces in which I hope to see again. Overall the crowd was just feeling it! The music was just what I've been missing out on these days. BYOB should be the ONLY way!!! Again, parties in this type of setting is what I get excited for because the vibe was just so wicked!
(Honestly I didn't tell which DJ was which, as I was too busy talking shit, and attempting to do what's called 'dancing' as I was pretty inebriated!)

Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Anthony and Eliot! Glad to see you were enjoying yourselves.

And to the afterparty crew...you guys are so cool! Thanks for having us by!!


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what a fun party

i had a blast... for the first little while the mush&beer took over :: *WICKED CROWD*

Jeff Samuels is the MAN... there was a time that i thought about leaving and going to see richie... but then i *listened* and found myself on the dance floor hrs later... nice wicked good tekno...

i can't say it enough, the crowd was fucken fantastik!!! thanks :p


lost my jecket, found my jacket :eek: thanks for the invite to the after party :: next time, slept all day

cheers to all :)


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I had no idea what to expect from this party. But as soon as I hopped out of the cab...I knew I was in for a treat. I could hear the beats pounding out on Queen st. It was kinda weird, standing in the coatcheck line and seeing people with their booze in hand...entering the party. After I walked upstairs...I was even more impressed. The venue was spacious, had hardwood flooring and support beams. Very loftish...warehouseish I guess. It was also interesting looking at the floor as everyone had their alcohol "setups". In one corner you would see some beers, in another you'd see some jugs of oj and others just carried their booze with them at all times.

The music was awesome and the sound was good. I didn't dance much due to all the socializing and drinking that I was participating in. I will say the guy that was on from around 1 till whenever was my fave. Shortly after 2am...everything got blurry. ;) The crowd was also quite awesome. Due to the party being a techno jam...I thought it was gonna be the usual sausage fest but there were lots of ladies around getting their groove on.

Bigups to: Chubbs...thanks for being my booze holder that night. I don't know how many times I had to tell you to turn around so I could get more alcohol out of your backpack. Always a pleasure to party with ya. Bigups to your partner in crime Elise too :)

Ainsley....I don't think she is on the board but this girl came prepared! She was pulling shots of vodka and bottles of Corona out of her bag of treats the whole night. She also had lemons to go with em.

DEEPHOUSEGRL...great to meet you finally! :) Even though it was for a few seconds. (Errr...I am gonna go stand over here now) Hahhahahah.

dicksherwood...thanks for the advice. "You live at King and Strachan...just walk home!" I think that walk sobered me up a little and I got to get rid of some excess alcohol on Dovercourt.

All in all...anytime a techno jam is thrown in this space with BYOB...I will be there.


P.S I found a wallet that night and returned it to the door guys. Hope you got it back alright.


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good times!

great seeing the usual suspects :) was in no mood for hawtin, byob im there like skin on flin!

my party crew: jai bot,dylan t,geoff,destro you drunk ASS,judy///

highlight going back to back with @m at Alchemy's ... great guys, cheers for the invite and chat Derek :)

Eliot Lazor great seeing yah, didnt really pay much attention to the muzak- too busy conversing with peeps...

Jeff Samuals: well same as above, everytime i tried to get my groove on in the corner where i like it, Dylan always managed to interupt me :p love yah bro :D I did always manage to catch his fuck ups... quite a few - it happens...

big thank you to Adam (@m) for driving my car to Dereks till i sobered up...thanks dude, and a whassssup to KF :) nice chilling with yah dude...

great night out after loads of hockey!

Hey Dylan yeah i rock out - rocker guy... re: my pennywise shirt:D



The Kid

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such a crazy night, it's been said but goddam, BYOB has got to be the only way to go! Much fun seeing the usual suspects, gaaaah... i'm still recovering from the weekend, I don't think today is going to be terribly productive!

cheers y'all.


le kid

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Originally posted by Destro Sanchez

but needless to say everyone who I wanted to be there
(with the exception of Jesse Bones and Dave Wiz) was there dancing beside me. :D:D:D
(fell off the wagon pretty hard last night)

Ouch, that really hurts Destro :p


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Wow. Normally january/feb. are the anti-fun months for moi, but man, i had enough fun on friday to last the whole year. I unfortunately socialized waaaayyyy to much, realized that Jeff Samuel had been playing for an hour, and then kicked myself HARD for being such a chit chatter...
great music, good place, fun bathrooms (but flourescent lighting? c'mon people!) Anyone who didn't go is stupid, but thanks for not coming cause I actually got to leave the elbows at home for a night.

(and for fuck sake's, when there are signs posted everywhere telling you where and where not to smoke, TRY try try to follow said instructions. once again, literacy is sexy!)


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I don't think I have all that much to add to all the wonderful things that have been said about this jam.

the space - beautiful, with plenty of room to dance, chill, be fuzzy

the music - kick ass tracks, funky, chunky, totally dance-inducing

the people - quality folks all around

the vibe - friendly and respectful

the bonus - not smelling like an ashtray (a few cigarettes, perhaps).

i got the biggest kick looking at the windows on which condesnation was forming, and thinking of that old, old sesame street cartoon where the kids were spelling out words that started with the letter "H" on the condensation-filled windows of a firestation. :D

i'm definitely glad some peeps changed my mind about hawtpantz, that's for sure.

here's hoping this space gets used more often.


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This was an excellent smaller jam. I walked in to some excellent deep tech-house sounds being thrown down by Hani who I have never heard before.

I took a few moments to get settled in. Once I scouted out the location and found a spot for my cooler (yay for BYOB!) and coat, I was able to appreciate the space. Nice room with wooden floors, high ceilings and a great view of Queen St.

There was a decent sound system and the volume didn't seem to bother any neighbors which was nice.

The set of the night for me was Eliot Lazor, although I also really liked Jeff Samuel. Eliot dropped some great tracks including the new Dumb-Unit by Jeremy (Slumberjack) and my current favourite on Sub-Static. Definitely the best I've heard Eliot play. . . and he really had the crowd going.

Jeff Samuel stepped up next and took a little while to get rocking. . . he was a little flat sounding at first, but quickly got used to the mixer and the sound system and after about a half hour starting ripped off some really sweet mixes and tunes. I think the person who suggested he was having some problems with the mixing was confusing the occasional skip due to the wooden floors with problems mixing as Jeff was really an excellent technical DJ.

I had a blast at this event and it was great to hang with a lot of cool peeps.

-ian g.