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Jeff Mills @ Turbo


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uhhhh, where do i begin?
Should i start by asking the question, why the fuck wasn't Turbo packed for Jeff Mills?! Don't get me wrong..i loved the fact that i could move around, but geeezis murphey..ITS JEFF MILLS PEOPLE! That place should have been rammed to the tits...but anywhore..

His set fuckin kicked my ass...crumpled it up...unfolded it..and kicked it again..i swear some of the track he layed down should be illegal to play because they would give certain individuals seizers...Holy shit!! haha..
I wish i could explain it but i would probably do what i just witnessed and heard no justice.

It was a pleasure seeing the Tribe folk again =)
And to everyone who missed it..u suck in so many ways..jk
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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It was a great party!

Well, where should I begin..
Jeff Mills did it *right*..
From the begining, he was doing really awesome work..spontaneously dropping great tracks including Richie's records..and
gosh! He is the man!
One thing though..I kinda wished to have some ups in his set..i mean it was really good..but I would appreciate it if he dropped some hard beats for a moment after a good *build up* etc.
It was more of spontaneous *goodies* that despite of a fact that I was enjoying myself...it was just too good..you know what I am trying to say people??
(I like Richie's style in djing..erm..it is my own opinion..)
I would not call tonite was a sickening party..It was just really dope techno!

I really enjoyed myself dancing though..really..i mean I had to get change like..how many times? LOL

It was really coo to be able to say hi to Alex D when I got there..(thanks for the sweet kiss on my cheek *huggles*)

and It was really good to see you, Suke again! *huggles* I wished to talk to you more though..

and Really wicked to meet:
Astroboy! (you were finally out!! and I am sorry that I was too excited and dancing non-stop..sweating like a piggie..and never was able to exchange a few more words than *hi* and *hugs*..nevertheless, it was *GREAT* to see you!!!!!!!!
*memo* thanks Suke so much for bringing Robb to me..i really appreciate!!!

Par-T: yay! Finally met you! woo hoo~~!!
I wanted to talk to you after Jeff Mills left..and I went downstair to get change and talk with my friend..but arrr..the nite was over at 4am..that I never got to say even bye to you

Sorry! but It was really coo to see you there!!!

Balzz hey! it was coo for you to recognize me! thanks!!!
and wished you had great time too

Elliot (spell??): hey! I see you again! and thanks god, you remembered me!


I wished Julie was there with you though..but hey! you are a damn good dancer!

I love the way you bust some moves, baby! hehe

+gosh...really nice to meet all sweet others..and it was one wicked party!

Sorry people not being able to say *bye* though..

Me bad..spank my ass next time you see me..hehe




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Yes where was everyone huh??? Like WTF and as soon as the booze dryed up and Mr.Mills left so did everyone else but it sure left tons of room to dance!!!

Good to see you Ian it's been awhile. Kumi I'm glad to have finally met you and don't just mention me you were rippin' shite up!!!

Also you stayed till the end unlike many others......Ok were there any other hardcore crew with me till the end????

Lates Elliot


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I liked that it wasn't packed. Room to wander, dance, smoke spliffs, whatevas.

I don't get the 2 hour set deal though, I was just starting to really get into it and then pooof! It was over.

Fuck I looked for tribe peeps and didn't see anyone I recognized? Probably standing right next to a bunch of you and didn't even know it!!!
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where were the bells?

....that's the first Mills mix (in person, or recorded) i've heard without 'em

all good, though

i thought Jeff threw down a solid techno set - great track selection with stellar mixing....and it was good to see him ride solo with the 909 for awhile...solid !

props to vortex who continued the 3 turntable madness once jeff good off the decks...it was also great to here percy x (surprise guest dj?) throw down a smooth set.

good to see balzz out there...[b}Kumiko[/b], i thought i saw you dancing up a coupla times near the front left speaker, but alas, me is shy

now who's ready for some more techno, detroit style?

tonight! TWONZ! Film Cafe (659 queen st w)....only $5 before midnight.

see you all there



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Originally posted by tommy smalls:
good to see balzz out there...[b}Kumiko, i thought i saw you dancing up a coupla times near the front left speaker, but alas, me is shy

now who's ready for some more techno, detroit style?

tonight! TWONZ! Film Cafe (659 queen st w)....only $5 before midnight.

see you all there


Well, tommy! it would have been cooler if you just *poke* on my bum! lol hehe

I hope you had great time though!!
(seems like you did

What kind of detroit type techno is it going to be? ghetto-? or minimum hard??

Let me know~

I may hop myself by..

BTW..i forgot to tell you guys!
My another mission is complete..another hand shake by my fav djs..

+Jeff even stopped walking for me when I approched him

I was like *yesssssss!!!!!!!*

Oh gosh..such a kiddo, i am

but I just can not get enough of this MusiC!




aww damn!!....Twonz was rockin' last night

Kumiko, i didn't see you there for Twonz...sorry i didn't respond earlier (just moved yesterday), Twonz spins funky, hard detroit-style techno...actually similar to what Mills played at Turbo, a bit less hard, with a bit more funkiness...generally on the minimal, hard & funky tip.



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I was a little displeased with Mill's set. I have never heard him live before- except for recordings ect.. but there was something about this show that didnt "float my boat".

Hey layed down some cool tracks- but his mixing was so-so. The recorded sessions I have were much better.

Stilla good show though.

I left earlier though because I needed to do some shit the next day.



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Mills Baby,

Very disappointed. Feel free to play some new tracks. You've been dropping those tracks for the last three years (you'd think that by now you'd know how to mix them properly).

I mean, yeah it was fine for what it was. But the look on your face when you walked out and saw a half empty room said it all. SAVE THE A-LIST SHIT FOR CREAM TOMORROW. I can see a better set from just about any decent local. And they won't scalp me at the door. You set yourself up for this man. Charge less to play next time, and spend more energy playing.

This was no concert. Frank Mills playing Piano Ballads would have at least been innovative. Yawn.
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terrawrist III

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this is a rare response for me, so lets make it count...

he almost made me cry!!! nuff said!

rockin it: sabina(bean)...love you to death,definetly my favorite tech head!
suke-wild man! hes the sickest!
astroboy:just met him,very nice guy!
met many familiar faces in the front for the first time....and they were carrying such a vibe!

the show: mills is the shit...him and ritchie kick it hard! droppin DJ Rolondo was the smartest thing in my opinion,cause they never seen it comin! Man, by the 5th or so track he left folks reelin'...breathless and almost in tears....he was crackin some smiles too, which is rare for a guy who has reached the farthest depths of the earth like a billion times over!...great ovation in the end!....first and only set ive seen where the crowd have been into for the whole thing! great to see that! we truly represented techno that night and hope to in the future!

9 and an enthusiastic half out of ten!

we will see you all at either photek(sept 26th...)or smith and clarke on the 8th!

who knows when my next post will be since my computer is out of commision, but we will surely talk to you soon!

Da grunj

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Just got back Online, so this is what I thought of the night:

His set "fucked me up". Being the first time seeing him live, I went in with an open mind. I would not say it was a killer set, but he definately got into my head and refused to leave. I was educated on a totally different style than I had eveer heard. I liked it a lot.

Considering I was slightly sober and the set still mesmorized (sp.) me, says something about his style. It fucked me up real good that I NEED to see him again to make a valid opinion of his sets.......intense would be my first description.

P.S. Was that Vortex who spun after Mills, if so, he pounds pretty solid....PROPS!



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I have'nt posted for a year. But, I have followed Mills around since 1994. What ever you people think, at Trubo was one of the better shows he has had in awhile. 95's Sickness and Recovery to me was his best, but this one a Turbo really rocked. The 2 hour set was perfect. I don't need a dj to take me on a journy of high and low points. Mills is about playing the best of a track and leaving out the BS. All in all I was impressed due to a few of his previous performances.

This is the man who changed the way I listen to music. About hearing the same tracks, yes he does have signature tracks that you will always hear, but do you notice the crowd response from these tracks. Those tracks are what make it a Mills set.

And about the blackmailing. 514 productions is just as much to blame for screwing things up at the border. Remember when Richie was'nt allowed to play in the states due to border problems. For those of you who think Mills is greedy, look at 514's Cream party - shell out $85-100 to get in and they pack the place with about 10000 people. Now who is the greedy one.

Anyways, Mills will forever remain a legend, this man is techno. Hopfully I won't post for another year.

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Adam Duke

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WHAT???? I missed Percy X?
His name wasn't on the flyer, dammit! I just bought one of his tracks and it's positively the bomb! This really sux....i need to get better informants....

Tech care,



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*nostalgic bump*


I was just checking to see if I had reviewed his last set here, but it was a few months before I registered.


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Holy shit thats funny..that means I saw Percy X and had no idea....first and only time I've witnessed Mills.

I would say score if I could remember anything...
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i can't believe i didn't write a review for this jam!

is it bad that i can remember the exact outfit i was wearing that night? :D


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