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Jeff Mills @ Dommune - Tokyo 28-05-2010

Discussion in 'Techno Room' started by dtox, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. dtox

    dtox TRIBE Member

  2. Destro Sanchez

    Destro Sanchez TRIBE Member


    (dont' want to waste my bandwidth if it ain't)
  3. antonbanks

    antonbanks TRIBE Member

    Listening to this now. It feels more like one of his albums than like a DJ set. It's like a soundscape set to a 909. This is on the very edge of what I'd call this dancefloor friendly music. If you're in the mood for something deep then this is definitely it.
  4. dtox

    dtox TRIBE Member

    detroit for sure, airy, synthy, melodic.......
  5. kaniz

    kaniz TRIBE Member

    I liked it, a bad mix here and there but some of the tracks are great, spacey-sci-fi techno. Not a dance-floor banger, but has quite a few tracks that put a smile on my face.
  6. Taro

    Taro TRIBE Member

    not my cup of tea....
    tooo much detroit wishy washy business...
  7. Angler

    Angler New Member


    good tracks in this mix.
  8. wickedken

    wickedken TRIBE Member

    Agreed this is a very nice set. One thing I've always liked about Jeff Mills is his unique sound, and his latest production is certainly unique. I find lot of it interesting actually, but yup, not really dance floor sort of material. Thanks for sharing Dylan.
  9. antonbanks

    antonbanks TRIBE Member

    I went back and listened to Live at the Liquid room after this. Still a great mix.

    Has anyone here listened to the Blue Potential CD? The one with orchestral versions of his works?

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