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Jeff Milligan @ Tempo


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ok... so there are dj's who play records... and then there are good djs that play good records... but then there are those special few djs who seem to have something more... something more fine-tuned, tight, and sophisticated that it is a wonder to simply watch them at work. Last night, Jeff Milligan pulled out something really special... four decks at once... effortlessly throwing down records, spinning them to position and letting them go... seemless transitions... breaks in and out from decks 1 and 3 to 2 and 4... playing with the mixer as if it was some children's toy... in complete control... every movement made without a second thought... without any hesitation... simply awesome...

we got to the drake around 1130 and were a little concerned the turnout would be small considering all the other events in the city last night... Jaime Kidd was laying down really powerful stuff to about 25 people... unfazed, he played well... relentlessly for so early in the night....

by 100 oclock the Tempo space was about three quarters full... a great crowd eventually filled the dancefloor during Adam's set.

And then... of course... Milligan let loose. I wanted to dance but couldn't... i was too enraptured with the sheer ease and skill on which he went about his craft... this was the common feeling of all of us up at the front... our mouths almost hanging agape as he did his thing....!

...all in all... fantastic night... PLEASE SUPPORT OUR GREAT CANADIAN DJ'S!!!!... so much talent... so much antipathy!.... i wonder if we take the talent we have too much for granted....

glad these tempo events are doing well... hope it continues throughout the summer!


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Jamie Kidd was ponding out a tight set when I arrived. I liked the bit of hardness early on.
Adam Marshall came on around...I dunno...and layered up a nice set. Pure Adam. I grew up listening to this guy.
Jeff did exactly what Adopted said. He layered tracks upon tracks, cutting between songs and, yes, playing with the mixer's faders like it was a toy. Good to see and nice to hear.
Keep up the great work Tempo folk. Another one coming up with Octave One/Random Noise Generation next month. Yay.


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Jeff Milligan ruled as expected. Started the set with Tejada's Force Fiction. He was simply doing magic with those records. Jeff is a wizard...
The crowd was great and most of the people were digging the stuff and enjoying the show...what a performance.



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last night mr.jeff milligan set a benchmark for every other dj that gets behind a dj rig from here forth,there was everything that came before last nights set and now there is everything that comes after.

jamie opened the night up nicely laying down some nice boppy,synthy tracks all mixed and programmed to a t,we really look forward to hearing more from him at our events and events around the city as he is certainly a superstar.

adam marshall stepped up next and delivered his trademark sound to an ever growing,crowded dancefloor all anticipating the arrival of jeff milligan,that surely didnt faze adam as he got people shaking their asses,raising hands and screaming after only a few tracks into his set.adam is definitley one of our biggest stars and a toronto legend and his set last night was filled with the kind of nostalgia you'd expect when supporting his old blue cohort jeff milligan.

jeff,wow what a stand up class-act and all around top shelf guy,i've heard all the horror stories and urban legends about him and i have witnesses a few small freak-outs by him in my days but so what.for this event he was nothing but stand-up all the way.we picked him @ 4:30 from the via got him to the drake fed him personally,had a few,chatted about everything from the obvious to the sexually depravity of the japanese.then he came downstairs and helped us set up the god damed night.no primadonna bullshit,no freak-outs no nothing-aces!!!

then his set,ok,ive seen jeff play countless times over the years and ive seen plenty other talented djs play along with some pretty shitty djs play too.last night a whole new category was created 'jeff milligan on 4 decks may 21 2006'.holy shit jeff ripped that motherfucker last night straight up and down.his track selection was on point,building layer after layer and creating this monster of a track that was kicking you in the mind with each channel drop and eq tweak.and oh yeah,that allen and heath mixer last night was jeffs' bitch and he was treating it like a pimp shaking down some nasty trick for her last 20 dollars-awesome!

fuck me,i felt like it was 1998 again last night,it was like i just discovered this music and jeff was giving me the history lesson dropping classics from mr.fingers and lfo.this mans prowess behind the decks is truly impressive and everyone that was upfront dancing,losing their shit knows it too.jeff laid it down right for 2 hours,shaking his ass,smiling and interacting with the fans and sometimes with a fucking idiot with a set of bongos.if onlt jeff's energy could be trapped in a bottle,i dunno...

i couldn't be more pleased with last night,it was definitley our best night on every level.top-shelf people all on the dancefloor enjoying themselves,the best of the best when it comes to djing,a great superstar supporting cast and a great all round attitude from everyone in the building.we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to seeing you all next month with greg gow and sarah mixington and in july...

Octave One/Random Noise Generation LIVE!!!
exclusive toronto appearance and only canadian date on their 'off the grid' tour.
+special guests
adv. tickets soon-limited capacity


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:( to my busted ear
:) to it being fixed by next month!! Looking forward to FINALLY playing with greg...it's an honor.

(Skipper posting)

Destro Sanchez

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no fights....but there was some chump in a military hat up front who tried to start a fight with Jeff in the middle of his set. He stopped the records, laughed and laughed and continued to destroy the place!! Classic algo.

jamie kidd - anyone who plays lots of my new records and lots of records I wish I had the money to buy is good in my books ;)

adam marshall - i will comment on the wicked Wackies tshirt and tight AirMax360's he was rockin'...the techno was grindy...

jeff fuckin milligan - it's one thing to have 4 turntables in yo' setup (cough.sonic.cough) but it's another thing to have a DJ actually USE ALL FOUR FUCKING TABLES AT ONCE!!!!!! sooo um, fuck you NYC tribal house djs for having all those tables but only using one at once...

jennstar styles:

Erik and Butterworth from London!!! (we just needed nitin and AJ and it was on!)
The Princess, Kim&Mel!!!!
Primal and the Lord!!
the kid and dtox (boo!)
Fatima!Wabi!Aki!Casual!Doowayne!BlondeGraham!thatshortywholikedmySeventhLettertshirt! (I think she is a YTV host?!?!)

peace to me and my pocket of Hennessey, if you got served you got swerved!!! my 4 day bender starting with DM came to a sweet end!

fuck you to the dudes who accused dylan of stealing their weed when he rolled his own and smoked his own. if I find out who you be, you be ghost and toast.



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Next time though. How about Algo vs this guy:



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Bernnie Federko said:
Any fights this time?

Disregard his absolutely awesome “spinning records” technique (no sarcasm), Jeff was the violent one last night.. :O
In fact, after his set, I, innocent groupie (!!), had my ass kicked most violent way. :D Seriously.
Some other people were frequently showing the finger to Milligan while he was spinning.. I guess it was his bloody enemies whom he had been giving a hard time before his set and had beaten them down with slipmates.

so yeah, we got the following image..
technics1200 technics1200 :mad: technics1200 technics1200
just jking.. Partially at least.

ps: I was there from almost very beginning specially for Jamie's mix, and indeed I wasn't disappointed ! I'd say it was pretty techy, comparing to other sets last night.. I mean it was more techy than minimal techy if u know what I mean..
I was dancing.. by the bar.. with 10 other people in the club.
Adam played pretty good set too, but I either wasn't feeling it or wasn't listening.

ps2: excuse my english ones again
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Glad to hear it went so well -- I was hoping I could fit it into the weekend but it just wasn't in the cards. Keep it up guys!


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OhNo! said:
we will be uploading a live audio/video soon...stayed tuned.

That will be great to see\hear! My first time out at tempo, solid night, wicked tunes. i've heard funkier from algo before, but never that dense/complex. wow! adam was great as always, and the crowd was really into it. i hadn't been out dancing in a while and it was a damn good time.

for more milligan, check out the new Toronto Techno level of Pac-Mondrian, with music by Jeff, just follow the appropriate link here:


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erk said:
Another one coming up with Octave One/Random Noise Generation next month. Yay.

Actually the Octave One show will be in July.

June event features Greg Gow, Sarah Mixington and Dwayne McDowell.

thanks to everyone who came out.
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Destro Sanchez

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....as someone sed,

last year at harbourfrunt it was
'tricky disco'

fer that wicked techno park set.....

this year it was
'LFO' and 'can u feel it?'



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a lift...

if there was ever a night in my life when i thought i should NOT have gone out cause my head was a mess, my body tired and it just seemed like i couldn'd form a coherent sentence or crack a smile... it was last night.

but i was lifted!

first time i've been to a tempo event... i do like that drake basement room despite my solid allegiance to the gladstone heh... pretty good sound although it does bounce around in there a bit, and i like the atmosphere overall... dark, takes me back to those early daze.

arrived with my head spinning in the depths of my own wacky of late world, and jamie kidd was laying down some nice tight bumpy clicky techno warming the space right up... nice crunchy sounds from adam marshall and where can i get a wackies t-shirt please? heh heh. fuck trainspotter... more like t-shirtspotter for me.

algorithmn was amazing to watch... all those turntables going and endless mixer tweaks and cuts... quite a show! not so much my brand of jackiness... but there was solid funk that he was clearly mining off those records and major kudos for have the skill to pull the right sounds of each one... weird with those abrupt silences heh heh... but i like surprises.

but more than anything last night it was the PEOPLE. yeah. after a few weeks of major stress, lots of personal shit going on and being generally too busy and pretty wiped out... i found myself getting hugs when i needed them, chatting to open ears and just having the good time i didnt' think was possible earlier... a testiment to the power of a collective vibe, good spirits and solid music... i danced, i laughted and made an ass of myself and said stupid inappropriate things, laughed them off, had FUN and left smiling...

so cheers to that... and to a good crowd last night :).


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Kudos to Tempo for a stellar night out... stay tuned for an interview and article on Jeff Milligan coming soon.

Snapped a few photos (sorry, Jamie, I was tied up during your set - next time!)...

Adam Marshall

Jeff Milligan




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That was fun.

This was I think my third Temop event, and def. my favourite by far.

I, like a few others, was tired from a weekend full of partying, but thanks to the persistence of a few friends, I made it out.

We showed up around 11:00 or so and Jamie Kidd (who I don't think I have ever really heard) was on. I didn't pay much attention, but that was just because we were getting in, getting drinks and saying hello to some friends. It was a little bit empty at that point, and I was wondering if that was how it would stay..but it was early, people had Monday off and Tempo has some momentum..so I was not concerned.

Adam Marshall was great. Just solid, great, great tracks..seemed effortless for the guy and he slowly got everyone dancing. The place filled up quite nicely near the end of his set and it really felt like he warmed everyone up just perfectly.

At this point I was really quite drunk as we had some good Sunday pre-drinking in us..but it was a fun drunk, and the music was really up my alley, I was having a fucking blast.

Milligan stepped up and just kept it going. More great selections, he looked like he was having a great time, and I stopped dancing every now and then to see this technics1200 technics1200 technics1200 technics1200 business..it was fun to watch, but I enjoyed falling back into the crowd and dancing.

I thought it was one of the better sounding nights in the Drake basement..loving west end techno nights. Is it just me or do we really have a solid techno scene right now in this city? Thanks again Tempo, looking forward to the next!

P.S - I loved the vibe down there....just something about a really drunk crowd that is really into the music that makes for a great atmosphere.
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The Kid

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I had an absolute blast, so nice seeing old friends! Got there pretty early, caught the tail end of Jamie... Adam stepped up, great set from the superstar as usual (sorry for bugging you about "only" using two of the four buddy! ;))

And then Milligan came on and tore that mixer a new asshole... good god! Now that is how I like to hear techno played~!!!! Great set, even dealt with that asshole with class... so much energy, good god was I ever glad I dragged my severly hungover ass out for that. Proper night.



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casual said:
Actually the Octave One show will be in July.

June event features Greg Gow, Sarah Mixington and Dwayne McDowell.

thanks to everyone who came out.

Ooops. Looking forward to the next one and the next one...


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Personally I enjoyed Adams set much more, yes workn 4 like that is awesome but Jeff's artistic attitude has to change. A good professional can deal with distractions which Jeff cannot. You can be the shit but when you think you are and are not it effects your performance! When your goin to see a show thats not what you wanna see!


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IchBinBeans said:
Personally I enjoyed Adams set much more, yes workn 4 like that is awesome but Jeff's artistic attitude has to change. A good professional can deal with distractions which Jeff cannot. You can be the shit but when you think you are and are not it effects your performance! When your goin to see a show thats not what you wanna see!

The distractions you speak of is some guy pounding on BONGOS in front of the FOUR decks you are playing on. Jeff was very professionally turning the music down and kindly telling the guy that he can't continue while he played the bongos. The guy left and then came back screaming profanities at Jeff and the crowd. Personally I'm glad someone said something about the bongos because I know we have all been some situation in the past where it hasn't been appropriate.
I've never seen anything like I saw on Saturday night. Jeff amazed me from start to finish. Moments I didn't know to watch or listen, but it was almost impossible to do both. Freshest techno, barely recognizing one track. Packing it all together in a very tight banging melodic punch. Thanks for having me Tempo.
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