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Jeff Mason & Darren Marshall - Envy (Big support on this one)


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Released Today @ Beatport via Dirty Deluxe Records

Hands down mine and Jeff's best collaboration to date. Envy also marks some of the biggest support one of my projects has ever seen.

Support rolled in from heavy hitters such as Ant Brooks, DJ PP, Jake Childs, Florian Schrader, Sergio Fernandez, Eddie Amador, + + +. Envy was also featured on the last weeks "Great Stuff Radio Show" on manchester underground with Florian Schrader dropping during the first 10 mins of the show! (all Great Stuff shows are downloadable from their soundcloud account)

Colombia's rising young star An-Beat is also featured on the release with a HUGE remix that also drew a lot of attention his way and gained a ton of additional support to the EP (An-Beat remix preview available on Beatport)

Sleazy, techy, house music...
Jeff Mason & Darren Marshall - Envy


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Enjoy... and thanks for Listening!

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Jeff Mason & Darren Marshall Envy (Original and An-Beat Remix) Available on Beatport