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Jean Grae !!

miss riot

TRIBE Promoter
I don't know whether there's been a thread about her on here, but this lady is fucking A+

I've been listening to Love Song on repeat because this lady rinses it out so proper. She needs to be a star. I remember she was supposed to tour with Can Ox late 2003 but they cancelled their tour.


terrawrist III

TRIBE Member
riot...get on SOULSEEK...I'll hook you up LARGE...

I thought bahamadia was the supreme queen until I heard what what? on the mic!...she became grae and the rest is history...if she keeps up her pace she'll be the greatest female in mic history...the thing I love about her is she's against the grain of all the others(eve,kim, etc)...she shows you she's fuckin' fierce and she puts that on wax everytime!...

"and I rip through MC's like niggas rip through pussy tissue!"