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JDub @ System


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Rolled in at around 11:30 to have a few drinks. Jason Hodges and Gryphon were upon da deks droppin a lot of sweet funky tracks. 12am, Gryphon dropped a baaaaaaaaaad ass track that got everyone jumping. I believe he said it was a new Armand Van Helden(sp?) track. DAYUM!

JDub had it easy when he stepped up cause once again the TO locals had the vibe up. JDub did some damage tho. Had us dancing all over the place to the sweetest, funkiest housemusic he could find.

Pretty decent vibe at System.


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Not a late night for me tonight. Decided to hit System for J-Dub tonight for two reasons.

1) Dino and Terry have left the building (Gryphon and Hodges warming it up)

2) Hmmmm? Max Graham @ Life - I want retain the water that I've consumed today and not dehydrate from their poor ventilation.

Not a packed night at Sys but an alright party. There was lots of room to move and socialize. Gryphon and Hodges did a great job of warming up. You can smell the difference.

J-Dub hit the decks and he was alright. Is it just me or did anyone notice some of the "older" tracks he dropped. This is not a complaint though....they were oldies that were goodies.

I haven't been out since Bad Boy Bill so at first I wasn't feeling the beats. J-Dub had me dancing though.

As fleaflo stated the vibe was good.


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I actually thought the night was wicked. We got there for the last 30 minutes or so of Gryphon and Jason Hodges and the place was bumpin...I thought JDub continued it with some really groovy and funky house. Evil P was alright at the end, although he slowed it down a bit too much at times and some parts got really repetitive.
I thought the crowd was pretty good, we haven't been to systems in a year since metro and lifeforce left for Turbo. But we totally had a good time and hopefully some more house headliners are there in the future cause I love the club.
My only complaint was that there was no cold water, at all, I wonder if that was just a coincidence? hmmm...
Overall 8/10


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So I had the task of being a tour guide for a family memebers friend from NYC and decided that a BANG night at System was what this doctor would order. The night did not disappoint and once again I had my partner in crimes helping to make this one fo the better nights out on the town in a long time. Gryphon and Hodges were a great build up to one of my favourites who always gets the party going...J-Dub!

Soemone mentioned that he was dropping oldies and he was bringing them out in full force. Ian Pooley's "The Ghetto" was dropped and had me shaking my ass. A lot of familiar tunes from Sneak's Buggin Da Beats CD made this an very enjoyable evening. Thank You BANG for showing us once again why you are leading the way for house music on a Saturday night.