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JBL L100t speakers.


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These speakers have never let me down. They're fairly large floorstander (3.5'x2'x2') with a 12 inch woofer, 4 inch midrange, and titanium dome tweeter. Believe me when I say that they can take anything you throw at them. I've run them off of Bryston 7B ST monobock amps (One per side, rated at a real 500w) with out any hickups. Great for house parties, DJ monitors, etc.. Only reason I'm selling them is because my listening needs have changed; I switched Tannoy Reveal nearfied monitors for studio use instead.

Paid $800 a couple of years ago. Willing to let them go for $300. If you're interested e-mail or ICQ me (in my profile). If anyone want's to demo them that would not be a problem.

Cheers :)







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Alex, do you have images turned off for this forum? My img tags are resolving to url's instead of images. :(