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Jazzy Jeff in Montreal


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Hi there,

Well this happened last night... as in Introduction of Sona's new weekly Thursday night called the Naked Truth. Only the bar is open, and it closes at 3am (methinks).

Anyway, the event was hype. DJ Jazzy Jeff is the man... he played such good music. Like a good portion of the finest hip hop ever made was spun last night... to new fresh cuts, to a heavy, heavy dose of classics. Like he'd do a 'Biggie' theme for 10 minutes, then a Tribe Called Quest tip, then Gangstarr etc. etc. His skills as a dj are phenomenal. His beat juggling skills are incredible as well as his flawless scratching talents... plus his the knowledge of his tracks can be seen in how well the set flowed.

As for Sona... well its Montreal and its Sona, so you expect cetain things. Like the typical thugged out doods were in full force. This means the pluses and the minuses of a hip hop crew happened... like the amazing overall audience/dj interaction and the self conciousness you feel when you do more than nod your head to the beat. Besides from the feeling out of place though, Sona's great and the thugs actually knew their shit... representing properly whenever an anthem was dropped. A very rowdy crew was present, that's for sure.



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Originally posted by Temper Tantrum


that is all.


But you got to see us! :) :D which is always way better than jazzy jeff. ;)
next time you should go... and bring us with you. ;)
thanks again allie.