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jazzy jeff at una mas


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to get the first issue out of the way..... RAMMED!!! so freakin packed downstairs. by the end of the night we were so wishing we had stayed upstairs and watched him on the tv screens. as it was, were in the back and had to watch the screens anyways.

now that the bad is out of the way, let me tell you how much he kicks ass and explain why i should slap you for not going. this man has some serious talent. whether you like hip hop or not really doesn't matter. i went with two friends from work that do not listen to hip hop and they, like myself, left the building amazed. his beat jungling ability is second to none. the amount of talent this man has in one small finger out-matches 99% of the djs in the electronic music scene. he seems to go through records like they're going out of style, which at times kind of sucks (there were a amazing tracks he played that i wanted to hear more of) but overall makes for an exciting display.

my first time seeing this guy was at the guvernment's summers end party two years ago (shittiest party i ever went to) and he made my whole night. since then i've been a die hard fan. last fall friends of mine and i were going to arrange a small trip down to phily just to see him. no need for that though as he's back in southern ontario. so back to my story.....

he just rocked the place. so much fun. despite the packed downstairs room, the vibe was really damn good. how could you not be happy? it's jazzy jeff!!!

gold club set the place up really nice with 3 or 4 video screens which seems retarded considering the club is so small, but let's face it, he's the type of person you need to actually watch to figure out why you waited in line to see him, and why people were still waiting in line to get in at 1:30am.

great night had by all, and i am on my way up to waterloo to see him later tonite!!!!!!!! i just can't get enough.



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ps. i'm upset that i was the first to post a review!!! you guys are slipping. what happened to the 'post when i get home' thing?

Dave Lee

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I totally wish I could have gone... That would have been an amazing night. I've been a fan of Jazzy Jeff since he dropped his first scratch with the fresh prince.

And yeah I caught him at Summer's End as well and thought he destroyed everyone who was there. Seemed like no one was dancing that night 'cause everyone was talking or gawking at the man's skillz.

If there's a man who knows his way around records better than him I haven't met him. The man could beatmatch and mix in a hip hop record in like 3 seconds.

Makes Kid Koala look like a slouch =)



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d j j a z z y j e f f

the man didn't disapoint. or miss an old school joint. he was doing more cut'in than a sushi chef and more juggling than a circus clown. he had the whole place get'in down. although the venue was jammed packed, it had what so much electronic music lacks - SOUL. i saw lots of fine ladies shake'in and move'in and the breakers even made a circle to groove in. much respect to the old school jeff the jazzy one. come back soon that was too much fun.

i still love hip hop.


that 420 guy

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~*..still in awe..*~


dj jazzy jeff has been spinning records for over 20 years, and it shows. holy shit! it felt like he had played every record he owns backwards just so he could hear what it sounded like. this man knows his music.

you name a hip hop anthem, jazzy jeff had two copies of it. i can't believe how many plates he brought with him. he was mixing, juggling, scratching, and earnin his money. from del tha funkee homosapien's mistdobolina to kardinall offishal's ol time killah remix, jazzy jeff left no stone unturned. he was perfection every step of the way!

una mas was crazy packed. the lineup was still huge at 1:30am! the downstairs part of the venue was unbearable. it was too hot, smoky, and uncomfortable to dance in. thank goodness there were projection screens set up all over the club because it allowed for those of us upstairs to listen, dance, and watch the masterful works of perhaps the greatest hip hop dj of all time...okay, myabe he's tied with kid capri for best of all time.

benson and hedges made sure that every single person walked away from that party knowing who sponsored the event: black and gold was everywhere, not to mention the untouchably sexxxy b&h girls. they did their job well...stand there and look fukkin hot. add to that the overall level of good lookin people that una mas' thursday nights are known to attract and you have the recipe for an incredible evening. i love una mas!

last night was a pleasant reminder why i love hip hop music so much. jazzy jeff is at the top of his game as he brings so many years of experience and style with him wherever he goes...did i mention that he has two of every record?

mad props to my boy ron from coast II coast for the hookups. shout outs to starr (hey girl) and my light skin hip hop head hmha (big it up).

if you ever get the chance to hear jazzy jeff perform, make the effort. he's well worth the wait in line.

this is how we chill from 2k2 'till...

- that talkin all that jazz guy :cool:
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if im not mistaken he is heading out my way aswell soon.....

i'll have to check it out... :)

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norm you were there? sorry i missed ya. i haven't run into you in a while. you're totally right about old school tunes... i felt like i was 12 years old again; listening to late night hip hop on the radio.... so many tunes!!!!!!!!!!! 'gin and juice' say what?!

i'll be in waterloo where i'll have proper dancing space this evening. anyone else going? if you're not doing anything, it's worth the drive.



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Saw him last october in Montreal. Absolutely Killer. Sad i missed him again, quite frankly, I'd much like to see him again. Kickin logistics.