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Jazz Clubs


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Top O' The Senator seems to be the high profile choice... I think the Montreal Bistro does jazz nights, but I haven't lived in the city for a while


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is that place across the street from sassafraz still running? had some good times there...forget what its called though...hmm...they were right about the memory....
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grossman's, it's not a jazz club but it's a great place to go "slumming" for some good blues.

can a poor person go slumming?

jus me

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I've been to Montreal Bistro, nice place.

Great jazz all the time.

The restaurant is divided into 2 sections, people can eat dinner on one side, and the other is for live shows. Make sure you're quiet while the band plays, they're quite finicky about that rule. And dress up a bit, usually the crowd is older 40-50ish with younger people sprinkled here and there.

have fun!

and if you're looking for some piano playing, I think I'm going to Sassafraz tonight.
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