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Jayisbored Wrote Me A Story!!!


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I asked him to tell me a story to keep me entertained and he did!And i thought i would share it with you. It took him over an hour!!



little timmy o'shea was walking home from school. it was a beautiful spring afternoon, a light breeze swayed the branches of the mighty oak trees which formed a moving canopy above the dirt path he walked on. he was skipping along, humming a song he had heard one of the other kids singing earlier that day in class..soemthing about gangstas killin bitches that dont be earning da bling bling...when he tripped over what appeared to be a rock...

slightly protruding from the dusty ground. as he regained his composure and gathered his books he noticed that there was soemthing odd about this rock. it was emitting a buzzing noise and the air around it seemed to be blurry, like that above the bbq when his father cooked the veggie burgers that his mother forced him to eat.

timmy being the curious bugger that he is layed down on the ground to get a closer look. he was still a little dazed from his and thought that he may be seeing things. the close he got to it the louder the buzzing became, as well the area which seemed to be blurred also covered a larger area.

now in the back of his mind timmy could hear the voice of his mother saying "now timmy when school is over i want you to come straight home. i don;'t want you stopping for anything, especially those perverts in the park. sure they may seem like fun people but you wont find it so funny when they have their pants down and start playing with their genitalia in front of you. you remember that time you saw your father come out of the shower naked?

you cried for 2 hours. so dont go near them. also if you should happen to trip over anything along the way, just ignore it and hurry right home." timmy hated his mother. although he has only spent 10 years with her, he has learned to feel a burning hatred towards her. to look at her and hear her voice telling him to take a sweater or wipe the goop off the side of his mouth, makes him feel like shoving a knife into her neck.

now of course he would never do such a thing. he was not a violent person, he would just draw hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of her being tortured or burning in hell and mail them to random people in his hometown. there was once a mass panic causing the police to go on a manhunt for this sicko who sent disturbing drawings to its citizens. but after spending 2 million dollars on this task teh city fearing it wouldnt be able to hold the annual

eggplant festival the search was called off and the police were left ashamed and feeling quite pathetic. timmy also hated cops and listened to nwa and snoop dogg, he tried to grow his hair out so he could get cornrows but his mother shaved his head while he was sleeping

so anyways, in order to spite his horrid mother he decided that he wouldn't rush home, he would take whatever amount of time he wanted and now he had soemthing to do, stare at this buzzing hot rock. and thats just what he did. he layed on the dirt path, down on his belly, arms out in front, his chin resting in his hands, humming that same song as before.

as the day went on the wind grew stonger, often blowing dust in his face. but he didnt care. he knew his mother was worried sick, probably frantically running around the neighborhood looking for him. the thought of this made him smirk..he imagined her fat legs scurrying down the street yelling his name, asking people if they've her son. then he imagined a milk truck..driving quite fast in this residential area. he imagined the milk truck driver

was a highschool dropout who had just smoked a big bowl of white rhino. timmy had heard snoop talking about rhino in an video, not knowing what it was but seeing that snoop looked and behaved rather strange he thought the milk truck driver would react the same. eyes closed, laughing hysterically, not really paying attention to what was going on. now he imagined that this milktruck driver had also not notcied his fat mother crossing the street

well he imagined her fat ass being run over by this truck. this thought made him smile. suddenly he was startled by the sound of a twig breaking and was brought back into reality. 'what are you doing there kid?" he heard coming from behind him.
"nothing. go away" lil timmy replied. "well if you're just going to lay there do you mind if i show you someting neat?" said the voice. "whatever" timmy mumbled. he heard a bit of rustling and then the unmistakeable sound of a zipper being undone. oh crap it's one of the perverts timmy thought to himself.

"hey kid you can't see what i have if you're staring off into space that way" turn around. "no thanks, im comfortable where i am now." timmy snipped. "hey you fuckin brat i come here to show you something and you give me this attitude? maybe i should teach you a lesson you'll never forget" the unknown figure grabbed timmy by the ankles and started to pull him back. now most kids in this situation would probably start panicing and start screaming

for help. not timmy, he remained calm and didn't make a peep. he reached for the buzzing rock, inconspicuously pulled it towards him and hid it under his chest, waiting for the attacker to make the next move.

he could feel the man grab at the back of his pants trying to remove them. luckily, timmy had decided to wear his belt since the pants he was wearing were a few sizes too big for him. they were from back in the day when he used to wear them down by his knees with his draws exposed. but doing that was gay, so snoop had said on howard stern, so timmy never wore them like that again

he could tell the attacker was getting frustrated that the pants weren't coming down and knew that he would have to unbuckle the belt in order to get the off. he waited as the man loosened his grip to turn him over, clenching that rock in his hand, ready to use it at any moment. the man began to tuen him over, timmy could hear teh heavy breathes coming from behind him and smell the odour of perversion eminating from behind him

as soon as timmy could see the starry dusk sky he swung his right arm towards the massive shadow above him with every ounce of strength he could muster. not aiming for any place in particular, just anywhere that could do some damage

it was as if time had slowed down, he could hear the sound of flesh tearing, bone cracking, blood spilling, he could feel the rock forcing itself into the man's body..the warmness of his blood and flesh coated timmy's hand and arm. the man let out a horrifying scream..it pierced timmy's ears and seemed to be the only thing he could hear around him. the sound of the breeze, the cars of in the distance, the animals in the woods...all were silent

as soon as the shock what had happened faded away timmy could see what had just happened. the massive frame of his attacker was lying next to him, with only a few blades of grass seperating them. timmy tried to pull away but something wasn;t letting him. his arm...it was stuck.

he tried to kick the body so it would roll over freeing his trapped arm. but timmy realized the body wasn't on top of his arm as he looked closer at the massive frame. it was getting dark but he could still see the blood everywhere...shining like an oil slick. he could see blood on his own arm...suddenly he realized why he couldnt move away. he couldn't see his hand for it was buried 6 inches into the mands body

"what the hell is going on?!?!" timmy yelled. he yanked harder and harder trying to get away but to no avail. he couldnt loosen himself at all. then he realized he was still gripping onto the rock. remembering that episode of the simpsons where homer got his arms stuck in two vending machines only to be freed from them when the fireman suggested he let go of the treats he was holding onto, timmy released his grip on the rock and easily slid his

hand out of the man's chest. "how in the hell did i do that??!" he thought to himself. timmy had just joined the school's basketball team and began exercising to build up his strength but no way could he be strong enough to put a rock six inches into a man's chest!

im gonna have to think about what happens next
to be continued....
fuck ive been doing this for an hour lol
and joey sent me an icq telling me i sucked for ignoring him lol

JayIsCreative. :) I wanna know how it ends though!!

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Originally posted by KiX
Yah, so post about your failing attention span, sketchpad.




yah...thats me.

no how bout my failing lack of attention of something that doesnt interest me in the first paragraph.

no offence to JayIsBored, fuck it may be a cool story, just doesnt have the unffffffffff, to grab me.


chill out.

yeah chill.

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Maybe you're the one without enough UNNNNNNF to be grabbed, eh Sketchy McSketch? ;)





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See, now... you spend all this time being bitchy when you could be reading a very well written story!




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Originally posted by tEkKiD

no how bout my failing lack of attention of something that doesnt interest me in the first paragraph.

no offence to JayIsBored, fuck it may be a cool story, just doesnt have the unffffffffff, to grab me.

So if the story was about a promising young Techno dj who was walking through the park it might grab you?

ok Jay is Bored, I think a revision of the story is in order. Instead of the kid's idol being Snoop how about Marco Carola, or Christian Smith, or even Kenny Glasgow.

Would that make you happy Doug? Would it? Huh?

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It's very...uh...interesting to say the least. Next up, a straight to TV movie on TBS or the Hallmark Channel.

Think the CBC would want in on this?