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Jay Tripwire at System on the 10th!


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So oddly I hadn't heard anything about this till I saw the flyer, but daaaaamn am I happy that he's back. I missed him the last time he was here at Element with Mazi but hopefully this will make up for it. Should be interesting hearing some of the different locals playing along side him as well. So any else of the tech house heads gonna make it out to this?
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Another birthday celebration this weekend....looks like the party girl wants to hear Jay Tripwire @ SYSTEM.
I'm looking forward to this, although I'm not fully recovered from NYE!!


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Hiya hon ... if you are in need of guestlist I can sort you out no problems! <smile>

Cant' wait to hear what this Tripwire is all about <Smile>

Linds x
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I've been listening to some of his mixes online and love it! But i'm not sure I can make it out :(. I know he's banned from the Sates for a while so I'm hoping/assuming he may be back sooner rather than later... What do people think? Can I postpone this engagement and see him again shortly?!

Smiley Jo

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Ian's trying to convince me....