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Jay Kaufman - techy house, electro house and techno - Beat-Radio guest of the week


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Hi Everyone,

My friend Jordi Rierra from Mexico has a show on South American Internet station Beat Radio and has been kind enough to have me featured as the guest of the week: http://www.beat-radio.com. This also aired on Buenos Aires' Metrodance FM radio station.

The set will be up there until the end of the week, at which point you can download it (and others) from http://www.jaykaufman.ca.



1. Esthero - We're In Need of a Musical Revolution (vocal) - Reprise/WEA
2. Wax Poetic featuring Norah Jones - Angels (Morgan Page Remix) - Cease and Desist CDR
3. Anil Chawla & Dale Anderson - Make Me Feel - Saved
4. Joshua Collins - Brass Science - unsigned CDR
5. Cosmic Groove - Transmission It's Not Blue - Phono Graffiti (CDR)
6. Fat East - Coast Fat East - Coast - Bodega
7. Izak & Phunindustries - Lunatic Mind (Tom Sawyer remix) - South Records
8. Deepgroove - Fascinated (Dirty House remix) - UMM
9. David Sense & Dan Welton - Late Night Twister (Original mix) - Arkade CDR
10. Vince J - Eliptik (from the Biohazard E.P.) - B&G Records
11. Andrew K - Fade To Grey - Babylon
12. DJ Erik K - Face 2 Face (N-Gels remix) (Jay K. re-edit) - B Positive
13. Gary Dickenson - Hands Up - KumQuat Tunes CDR
14. Vince J - Nickname (from the Biohazard E.P.) - B&G Records
15. David Amo & Julio Navas - Open Your Eyes - Fresco

Comments are always welcome. :)

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