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Jay Force?


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or is it jason force?

So anyhow, I saw him *gasp* at the zone earlier today. I have found a new love for house music. So , who is this guy? where can i download some of his sets or read a bio? and what kind of house was he playing. That shit was hard. Does anyone have a clue what I am talking about? :)

lay of the zone wise-cracks, i had no choice :) Maybe I did, but i actually enjoyed myself, so who cares!

Should this be in the house room? nah.

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groovespinna said:
Kinger and I were representin.

and no, this won't be going to the House forum....

Hardcore room here we go...

You guys were there?

Where? WTF?

We (toonces) and I lhad to leave about halfway through Jay Force's set.

But from the half that I caught I was amazed. It was the first time I heard Jay Force. I love his style.


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Jayforce is fucking unbelievable. He won the contest that was at film lounge to win residency on their Saturday nights. One of our djs was in the competition right to the end with him but if anyoen else was going to win it HAD to be him. he's awesome. I think he plays at crystal room every friday.
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Well im glad someone agree's with me :) Thanks for the info aswell!

and what kind of house was that? I know its probably not one specific kind, but what way would it go more towards? Know any labels / artists?

Thanks again!