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Jaws author Peter Benchley dead...


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This guy's book and subsequent Spielberg movie scared the crap out of me...

...Now my fear of water can die with him!


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i learned the word 'absofuckinutely' out of my sister's copy of the book.

i read that he turned to shark conservation issues in his later years.
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Benchley's bibliography:
* 1974 Jaws
* 1976 The Deep
* 1979 The Island
* 1982 The Girl of the Sea of Cortez
* 1986 Q Clearance
* 1989 Rummies
* 1991 Beast
* 1994 White Shark
* 1997 Peter Benchley's Creature


* 1994 Ocean Planet: Writings and Images of the Sea
* 2001 Shark Trouble: True Stories About Sharks and the Sea
* 2002 Shark!: True Stories and Lessons from the Deep
* 2005 Shark Life: True Stories About Sharks and the Sea

...seems to have a bit of a speciality. RIP.


unavailable for questioning.


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Jaws was a movie that fucked me up as a kid.

I have a fear of deep/large bodies of water (or at least going into them and/or flying over them).