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JAT Radio w/ Matt Carl today @ 1pm!

Matt Carl

TRIBE Member
We love him cuz he's so stupid!!!

That's the new tag line for everything they sell at Sears from now on!!!

And do you know why...?


All kidding aside, today is the day for super special beats to hit the airwaves...special beats in the form of THE BRAND NEW CORDIE & SUSHI D ALBUM: REASON TO LIVE 2!!!!!!

This has been a year in the making, so you know it's good! Prepare yourself for an afternoon (or evening, depending on where you are in the world) of absolutely SMASHING, insane-o beats courtesy of the Marvel Records brainchild and his partner.

The cd was unofficially released on a VERY unsuspecting crowd at the Queenshead bar last Friday night to much shagrin, i am sure!! Chaos was made, drinks were drank and the cops showed up to make sure all the underagers got the HELL out!!! Little bastards...

Anyways...lots of uber-special treats on todays show that I can definitely assure you, you will NOT hear anywhere else...unless some grimy douchebag gives you a cd in a bar. :D

As usualy, three ways to connect!
realplayer: http://www.cc-radiostation.net/cc-radiostation.ram
media player: http://www.cc-radiostation.net/cc-radiostation.asx

And make sure to check out Koszlers show, the Nu Breakfast Technologies every Sunday from 11pm - 1am EST. Last show, I took the helm to bring you two absolutely fresh sets of some serious drum n bass, as Koz was tied up elsewhere...literally! His girlfriend is a dominatrix!

And 35k will show you the way with his show Desolation Radio every Monday from 7pm - 9pm EST. On his last show, he played some shmashing beats that left everyone feeling rather uneasy, only to take things down a notch and give us a super dark breakbeat flavour you can't hear anywhere else.

So make sure to tune in today, 1pm - 3pm EST for the JAT-ness that you know and love!

JAT Radio w/ Matt Carl today @ 1pm!
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