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JAT Radio w/ Matt Carl 1pm-3pm EST

Matt Carl

TRIBE Member

That is the word of the day cuz today is the day that we say DAAAAAAAY!!!

Say it!!



And TODAY we have a special s00p3r xtended set by none other than myself and the one like flava representing Brockup Sessions from St Catharines, me hometown, innit?!?!@?!

Recorded just hours after last weeks show, Flava decided to stop by the JAT Studios to battle it our for nearly THREE hours with myself, Matt Carl. Big tunes runnin', big mixes blowing up and lots of bad mc'ing from yours truly!!

Make sure to catch Flava at Mikado's in St Catharines every friday night as his alter ego, Funk Doctah Brock, doing the breaks thing, and saturday nights as himself doing the jungle thing.

Three way to connect!
realplayer: http://www.cc-radiostation.net/cc-radiostation.ram
media player: http://www.cc-radiostation.net/cc-radiostation.asx

Keep your calenders clear every Sunday between 11pm - 1am EST as well, for that is the Nu Breakfast Technologies, where you can catch Some seriously st000()9090909oppid beats from Koszler, and sometimes Mr. Matt Carl.

Another day to keep an eye on is Monday night from 7pm - 9pm EST so that you tune into Desolation Radio with 35k doing the super dark thing every single week.

And as always, the JAT Radio super spectacular mastermind pizza party in my pajamas every Tuesday afternoon 1pm - 3pm EST doing the weird, sometimes not so weird and sometimes silent but freshly weird thing. Doesn't make sense now, but tune in and it will all come together.

JAT Radio w/ Matt Carl 1pm-3pm EST
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