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Jason Hodges


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i hate starting reviews but this one deserves my attention yet again(like the hector moralez party).

jason hodges killed it! he put on some of the tightest jackin' house tracks i've heard all year, and that includes my trip to miami. i actually didnt get to see him play there but i wasnt worried cause i knew he was going to get booked to play at home in the near future.

anyways it was a really stellar set. i can't say much more about that. i don't think i even have any track i.ds to share.

the loopity boys were leaning on a more minimal side, i would love to know what some of those tracks were. i guess it's similar to some things Sneak pulls out these days. great stuff!

this was another night where all i could really do is smile to hear the music that i like being given the attention it deserves.

i wasn't really bummed that the original headliner couldn't be brought in because when you have a top calibre dj like hodges playing, after a certain point it becomes more about what the person looks like and the fact that they came in from out of town. there is sort of a limit on how good a dj set can be, you know what i mean?

nice to meet mixupmixup, and nice to see all the usual suspects again. too much fun!

oh yeah you can cop some of his tunes on stompy
and when he's with chuck daniels it's under the name border patrol
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this party was FUN - great great vibe
it was my 5th stop of the night, and well worth the trek
sometimes mrtunes liked the music more than I did, but I had a great time nonetheless
the source references were all over the place which made it entertaining
AshG made fun of me while I was dancing (I will punch you on the shoulder again)
JAR gave me several of his brilliant grins and hugs
everybody was friendly in a good way


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I had every intention of hitting this one up but due to a nagging cough, antibiotics and four essays due in the next three weeks, I had to stay home.

Jason always brings the fire as do the Goofs. Arsed that I missed this jam as the venue is great and the music was probably top notch as well.


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glad to hear you had a good time erika, i didn't see you there that long though! i'm impressed that you hit 5 places on the night you came back from france.

jar wasn't happy with me trying to get the crowd up. besides they were already up. i think i want to be an MC at heart. liquid dnb i'm telling you people it's time for its return :p
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nice to meet mixupmixup

likewise playa!

party was hoppin yo! shouts to all the peeps and househeads who made it another fun one! hodges smacked it hardkore - he dropped one of my fav tunes right now which was fantsatic to get down to and hear out on a big rig.

"its a crazy world right here ... This joint is SoOOOoOO Crazy" < so ILL!!!!!

the loopity goofs were bringing the drama as was gque who warmed shit up proper.

goodtimes. :)


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yup, there were some serious tunes played at this party, the kind that make it impossible not to dance. As much as it would have been nice to hear JT play, Hodges more than made up for it - the man always delivers! During the last hour and a half of his set I don't think I stopped dancing for more than a few minutes to catch my breath and prevent myself from overheating. I only stuck around long enough to see Scott play, but I was totally feeling what he was dropping too.

Lots of great people in the place, everyone in a good mood, sick tunes, made for one hell of a night! thanks to everyone involved with putting it on!

Oh and mrtunes, I have no problem with anybody getting the crowd up (which as you mentioned, was already roaring), just as long as it doesn't interfere with or invade my dancing space, or distract a DJ who is dropping the hotness. It's all good baby! :)

Destro Sanchez

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was there early on...
shouldn't have started the night (7pm) with an Olde English...
didn't last past 3...
what I heard was good.
danced a bit, drank too much, destroyed shit, freestyled in the cab, blueberry pancakes for breakfast...

will go back again, hopefully more sober.
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Crunkers, I didn't know this was goin on. Where was this?

I always miss hodges, and I'm sure he'd be one of my fav's if I ever actually saw him. :(


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I had a wicked time.
I had to work the next day which resulted in having to go home early. :(

When I heard Cricco Castelli - Life is Changing I went crazy. I have not heard that track in forever.

I want to go back and finish the evening.


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It was an increadible night with AWESOME beats yet again by the boys. G.Cue and Pierrebeats ripped it up, Hodges was insane and Loopity Goofs killed it! Not a dull part of the nite~ I danced from when the lights went down to when the lights went up! Love that venue and the party was sooo dope! Props to the promoters and DJs. Can't wait till the next one!!! This party was PROPER!
I posted some pics on facebook. Im no photographer just a wasted chick with a camera!!
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