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Japanese food


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I was thinking about going for Japanese food tonight (georgetown) and I was wondering what I could expect.

Is japanese food all sushi?

If not, what would you guys reccomend I order?

shawn<---not a big fan of sushi
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There are noodles, teriyaki dishes, cooked dishes, soups, non-fish rolls...

Sushi is basically raw fish/seafood on rice. You can get rolls that have raw fish in them but have other elements to accentuate the taste if you don't want just a slab of raw stuff.

Udon noodles are good.

Tempura is good too. Very edible. Deep-fried veggies or shrimp.

There are dumpling appetizers that are great.

But nothing beats a nice piece of salmon sashimi with rice.


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I just checked a site and it seems that there will be lots of chioce.

So, Japanese food it is!

I hope it isn't too expensive, I like to try a bit of everything.


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I would recommend a bento box which is usually very filling and has an assortment of everything: rice, chicken/beef teriyaki/cold noodles, salmon rolls, tempura and rice..

And add some appetizers to that and you've got yerself a millieu of Japanese food.
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you definatley can't go wrong with the tempura. Everyone likes deep fried things and the batter is so yummy.