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Janet Jackson naked

wayne bradbury

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That video reminds me of the girl that lives behind us who would suntan naked on her trampoline all the time. She just recently got the centerfold of a bonus calender of an Australian men's magazine called RALPH.
Anyway I caught her having sex with her boyfriend one day(pre calender days) and ran inside to get my videocamera. I should have had it recording before I got to the fence, but the "bing" sound of the camera turning on caught both of their attention and saw them both look up at me while I heard naked girl say "he's got a video" Shit was pretty funny and very awkward at the time. Now she hides her face from me when she sees me on the street.
I basically wanted crazy footage from Australia to send to friends and family back home.

Eccentric (LRG)

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I thought the bod be nicer then that ??*Shrug*

Anyways I'm not surprised ... after i saw her in Jermane dupris(sp?) Video "gotta getcha" er whatever... I realised how scarey she really looked. Shes more and more like michael everyday... minus the molestation bits.


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Originally posted by grumblegirl
my god you people are judgey.
For real, OMG her ass isn't rock hard and she's like only 40 something. Has anyone looked around at most women her age? Janet is a lot older than the women she competes with and I think that is why she's judged so harshly but it's still really stupid.