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Jamie Kidd @ TECH Support


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yessssssssssss Jamie Kidd........

The venue was actually very nice for techno, i thought the sound system was sweet on the ears. Jamie did his thing, playing mindtricks and other tasssssty things in between. Lots of nice bass rhythms.

The set before him sounded nice too, from what i head of it.

---dont be a tease Jamie Kidd, let us know where your next gig is at.
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I dropped in very briefly. My friend was dying to hit up Footwork..so we didnt stay. We were not diggin' the location at all. Sorry tech support..just wasn't feeling it. I didnt think it was the right feel for a techno party. I was so looking forward to hearing Jamie. But I just couldnt get into it there at all, so we left. Hopefully you guys book him again at a better venue..and I will so be there. Sorry Jamie..I wanted to meet you and hear you play a full set. I know you've got the talent. Another time.



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I LOVE that little space actually! Friendly staff, feels like our own little private party in someone's souped up, extra large garage! The "rustic" feel there is kind of charming to my eyes..:) And the dancefloor is large enough for groovin'...

Different strokes I guess but it really makes for a nice, intimate vibe - maybe if you arent being pulled in different directions next time you'll learn to like it? The good peeps should help smooth your vibe if you give it a shot...

Sorry I missed out on this one but I promise to be at the next one, especially if it's at Clintons!

PS: looking forward to the posting of sets!


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I got to hear parts of both Jamie Kidd and Brandon Dove's sets, they both were highly impressive...

These boys are as great live as their mixes that they post!


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Made it out despite a mild case of food poisoning. Caught the first DJ who was grooving along pretty well, and most of Jamie's as well. I was seriously impressed by what I heard, and look forward to the next time he spins....

As for the venue, I would agree that it wasn't the best of spaces for this type of tihng, but it wasn't the worst either...
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Made it out finally had not been to any tech supports since it was in the mkt. eww i could not stand that venue.

Clintons - I hear ya Maxine the club has a bit of an odd feel to it..i found myself a bit bored and I use to go to Harris institute and we would do our school parties there.. so maybe i just see it in a different way.... i dunno... but i love how there is lots of sitting areas and lots of different flavoured vodkas and the drinks and so cheap !!

I caught a bit of Jamies set and he was tight - altough i found the sound in there was a bit muffled - or it did not just fill the room right.

Over all it was a nice lill place to swing by catch up, have drinks and support some good people.


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Another thing i forgot to mention before night is how refreshing it was to see Jamie Kidd really get into his set...

always makes it worth supporting someone you can see is having a good time....


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apparently i was way drunk so i don't remember much except bumming a menthol off some girl outside and trying (unsuccessfully) to put my jacket on when i was leaving.

but i did wake up with the new Jaime Kidd CD in my pocket so all is well.

nice set btw:)


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I agree- great new venue for these parties... it was fun.
LOVED human traffic airing on the screen with the dj playing. So funny to remember watching that film :)


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Jamie gave me a couple of mix cd's a long time ago and they were great, still give them a listen from time to time. Will have to come see you live sometime
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Had a great time once again, music was great, Jamie was a bit more mellow than previous Tech Support DJs but parts of his set definitely made me shake some ass.

I actually like this venue a lot, I liked it even when it wasn't EDM playing there but when it was the venue for the Rec Room parties.
Not sure what people are saying...i mean is it the lighting? the layout? the location? the Goth lighting guy knitting? the not so bright but cute bartender?
I'm sure the tech support kids would like some specific feedback to improve the vibe for their patrons in the future.

I didn't see as many people on the dance floor this time around...i think it is because praktik wasn't there to inspire us ;)

A great way to spend my Saturday night...I even learned something new:
Las tres verdades de los mejicanos:
-Una mas y nos vamos
-Te pago Manana
-La puntita no mas

fucking funny Mexicans :D


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As always a big thanks to everyone who came out to support some great local talent -- there were lots of fresh smiling faces which is great to see. No doubt about it -- Jamie is the man; a solid down to earth guy with great taste in music and skills to back it all up!

Pictures and mixes are available on our webiste at http://technoaddicts.ca. Direct links for the mixes are below:

Jamie Kidd live @ tech support
Brandon Dove live @ tech support
Conrad Seaman live @ tech support (part 1)
Conrad Seaman live @ tech support (part 2)


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had a good time last weekend. looking forward to hearing the sets again, i was a little (lot) drunk the first time around. ;)