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james holden - balance 005

Discussion in 'Progressive Room' started by deep, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. deep

    deep TRIBE Member


    "balance 005 compiled and mixed by james holden will be released on october 6th 2003.

    a dj/producer who has a cult following the world-over, renowned for his unique productions and mystical persona, offers the balance series the most innovative selection of music to date. james' vast taste for left of centre material matched with dance-floor sensibilities has resulted in an eclectic mix of house, techno, melodies, and ambient moments, all fused with a progressive attitude, which will definitely capture the attention and imagination of clubbers and music connoisseurs alike.

    james' first "proper" mix album features tracks and remixes from the likes of fc kahuna, james holden, infusion, carl a. finlow, fortdax, zeta reticula, petter, meta.83, baby ford & the ifach collective, luke chable & more...

    james holden will also be embarking on a tour of australia and new zealand in october to accompany the release:

    friday, oct 3 - sydney: sweet chilli
    saturday, oct 4th - melbourne: godskitchen @ melbourne park
    sunday, oct 5th - adelaide: traffic nightclub
    friday, oct 10th - canberra: friction
    saturday, oct 11th - auckland: cube"
  2. Psyrel

    Psyrel TRIBE Member

    oh sweet!!
  3. xtollo

    xtollo TRIBE Member

    Well isn't that interesting

    I'd like to see the tracklisting, everyone, eyes open!
  4. videotronic

    videotronic TRIBE Member

    im not vouching for its authenticity, but this is the one ive seen...

    The MFA – The Difference It Makes [Original mix]
    Meta.83 – Metalgroove ep: Antrieb
    Jake Fairley – Oshawa
    Zeta Reticula – Tool 1
    Petter – All Together
    Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective – Bad Friday
    Zeta Reticula – Tool 3
    Avus – Real
    DJ ESP – No Future EP: No Future [Soundburnt Mix]
    Jase From Outta Space feat. Claire – Do What You Want [Infusion’s Sky mix]
    Nathan Fake – Outhouse [Fluffy mix]
    Nathan Fake – Outhouse [Original mix]
    FortDax – Fortune Telling Fish, Curled To Suggest ‘Home’
    PQM – You Are Sleeping [PQM meets Luke Chable Vocal Pass]
    Petter – These Days [Instrumental] **
    Herrmann & Kleine – Leaving You Behind (Without Knowing Where To Go)

    **Includes Beats of Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective – Bad Friday


    Meek – Happy [Original Mix]
    Meerkat – Colours [JH Re-edit]
    Avus – Your Body [Original mix]
    Scape One – PFX Tokyo
    FC Kahuna – Hayling [Kosmas Epsilon Mix]
    Holden – The Wheel [Pass 1]
    Kotai + Mo – Black Acid [Part 1]
    Epsilon 9 – Lifeformation [Infirnal Machine Mix]
    Carl A. Finlow – Ghetto Server
    Gill Norris – Forme
    Ficta – Eli
    Petter – Tonediary
    Form & Function – Wonderland [Original Mix]
    Meta.83 – Metalgroove EP: End Titles
  5. mandapanda

    mandapanda TRIBE Member

  6. Lexicon

    Lexicon TRIBE Member

    The tracklisting looks awesome. Jake Fairley, Baby Ford, Carl Finlow.. niiiiiice.
  7. AdRiaN

    AdRiaN TRIBE Member

    I'm not really sure what this means ... but I'm thinking I might enjoy it. :D
  8. chipotle

    chipotle Well-Known TRIBEr

    I think it just means that he produces and enjoys playing tracks that are more risky or a bit more experimental sounding. A lot of jocks go with what works and gets the crowd going quickly instead of building up a set. I am not saying that James Holden is that type of a dj but he is a very good programmer and often (IMO) makes various links between genres with his track selection. This I enjoy a lot.
  9. Aleks

    Aleks TRIBE Member

    i love his programing above all...

    this Mix most definatley looks interesting....
  10. C-NiCE

    C-NiCE TRIBE Promoter

    Looks good!!! :D

    3 Petter tracks, hot damn!
  11. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    looks dope!
  12. AdRiaN

    AdRiaN TRIBE Member

    I know ... I just get a kick out of these music writers sometimes. :)
  13. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

  14. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    confirmed tracklisting :

    Disc One
        01. The MFA - The Difference It Makes (Original Mix) [00:00]
        02. Meta.83 - Metalgroove ep: Antrieb [06:25]
        03. Jake Fairley - Oshawa [08:18]
        04. Zeta Reticula - Tool 1 [10:38]
        05. Petter - All Together [11:57]
        06. Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective - Bad Friday [19:01]
        07. Zeta Reticula - Tool 3 [20:46]
        08. Avus - Real [21:47]
        09. DJ ESP - No Future ep: No Future (Soundburnt Mix) [26:49]
        10. Jase From Outta Space feat. Claire - Do What You Want (Infusion's Sky Mix) [29:03]
        11. Nathan Fake - Outhouse (Fluffy Mix) [36:39]
        12. Nathan Fake - Outhouse (Original Mix) [39:55]
        13. FortDax - Fortune Telling Fish, Curled to Suggest 'Home' [48:45]
        14. PQM - You Are Sleeping (PQM Meets Luke Chable Vocal Pass) [50:52]
        15. Petter/Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective - These Days (Instrumental)/Beats of Bad Friday [57:25]
        16. Herrmann & Kleine - Leaving You Behind (Without Knowing Where To Go) [65:28]
        Disc Two
        01. Meek - Happy [00:00]
        02. Meerkat - Colours (JH Re-edit) [04:49]
        03. Avus - Your Body (Original Mix) [06:17]
        04. Scape One - PFX Tokyo [07:52]
        05. FC Kahuna - Hayling (Kosmas Epsilon Mix) [08:50]
        06. Holden - The Wheel (Pass 1) [15:42]
        07. Kotai + Mo - Black Acid Pt. 1 [21:37]
        08. Epsilon 9 - Lifeformation (Infernal Machine Mix) [22:36]
        09. Carl A. Finlow - Ghetto Server [29:29]
        10. Gill Norris - Forme [34:11]
        11. Ficta - Eli [41:14]
        12. Petter - Tonediary [46:07]
        13. Form & Function - Wonderland (Original Mix) [52:02]
        14. Meta.83 - Metalgroove ep: End Titles [57:40]
  15. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

  16. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    1st CD review : definitely more Border Community than Silver Planet - nowhere really to be found is the type of sound we've come to expect of Holden from his Essential Mix or noteworthy tracks in that same vein. Electro tinged, idm influenced stuff here. Grooves are deeper - somewhat unexpected. Takes a while to get where it does. More late night headphones listening than full on. It appears as though Holden is pushing his sound (perhaps progressive in general) in directions different than what people would normally expect - not sure yet if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but sure is different.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2003
  17. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    Conclusion after having listened to the second disc : I think this will occupy the same controversial space that Airdrawndagger did when it came out. Maybe not to the same extent, as there probably aren't as many people waiting to start criticizing Holden as Sasha. But this is definitely a 'leftfield' release that will throw many for a loop and take some time for the effects to settle in.
  18. feisty boy

    feisty boy TRIBE Member

    almost done listening to disc1...
    there is definitely an electro feel, but not in a cheesy electro way (i hate most electro)

    deep is right - the grooves are fucking DEEP! and the breakdowns have all been pretty sweet too.
    i'm really liking this release so far.
  19. organik

    organik TRIBE Member

    look forward to listening to this new cd comp.
  20. I'm not told on all the songs on the first disc. I like it for the most part but the FortDax just doesn't sit right with me. Couple of other tracks that I'm not quite with. Maybe it will grow on me.
  21. Special K

    Special K TRIBE Member

    can I buy this locally?


    is it out yet?!

  22. dj_jake_the_snake

    dj_jake_the_snake TRIBE Member

  23. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    second listen :

    I'm enjoying CD1. This is definitely something that grows on you - first mix/cd in a long time that I've enjoyed giving repeat listens to in order better appreciate what's going on.
  24. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    The pairing of the Fortdax tune with Chable's vocal pass of "You Are Sleeping" is fucking awesome.

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