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Jam at Joker and JanICE's - Warmin' da HOUSE!

Smiley Jo

TRIBE Member
Ingredients for a great party up in the boonies:

- one great venue (being P-air’s place in “Altona”)
- one giant keg of beer
- a large serving of sweet house beats all night by the fantastically talented Joker FX, Just ICE, and DJ Finch, (and a great attempt by Lurch..)
- one big fire that is only lit by large amounts of gasoline
- two crazy messed up neighbours who try and invite everyone into the hot tub
- one big bag of Smiley Jo’s cookies
- a generous helping of barbecued delicacies
- one flashing pixel board with messages varying from “Please no smoking inside” to “P-Air loves boys MOTHERF***ER!”
- top it all of with some dancing and you have yourself a damn good party.

Thanks to P-Air and Janice for being awesome hosts, to AA for the keg (which I heard is still half full, any takers?), to our chef Gazmo, to my early morning search and rescue guy, and to everyone who made the trek out to the middle of nowhere. *muah* Love you guys!

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Joker FX Cha

TRIBE Member
It was a great party.
It’s so nice to know that I have friends like all that showed up. I had an awesome time. I had wicked support for that shitty set that I spun. I’m bad enough sober, going to have to practice spinning drunk. L!
I GREATLY appreciate the respect that everyone had for my place. Walked around outside the next day expecting to do a clean up there wasn’t even a single bottle on the lawn. I didn’t even find beer caps. The fire stayed in the fire pit, the water stayed in the hot tub, the rabbits stayed in their cage. It was just such a comforting feeling to see that everything was in great shape. It makes me want to have more parties, but it’s too dam cold now so maybe for next summer.
My leftovers are good from this one, ½ keg of beer (going to finish it tonight), 32 burgers, 2 bottles of vodka, bottle of rum, more beer, Smirnoff Ice, 2783 hotdogs……. Ahhh well I’ll get through it. L!

Thanx to the people that came.
Alison, Sasha, Tony + gurl & crew, Mark, Jay, Mindy + gurl, Melissa, Chrisy, Lianna, Isaac, Sil, Matha, Monica, Victor, Mom Dad, Drunk neighbors, Karel, Lurch and your mad Dj’n skills, Oh Nicole + Boy & crew thanx sooo much for the all my gifts, That other guy, and the dude, and the chicks, and this and that, I was loaded too, so apologies to those forgotten.

Special thanx to the Lifeforce crew, for keeping us going till the sun came up.
Aaron + gurl hope the fishing was good. Thanx for getting the beer there. Sorry the crib was so cold.
Ivan big thanx for the hook ups, and mad laughs.
Bart…….for have’n an ok time.?
Will, thanx for the invite to mad bar, I just couldn’t drag my ass down there.

And the biggest maddest phatest thanx to:

James, you kept the cool toonz going, you played some wicked sets. I can’t believe you actually were able to clean that stove. Thanx for all the help, Oh and especially bringing the equipment.

Joanna, YOU should charge for the cookies and brownies. Once people found out about them they were GONE. You did so much work helping w/ food and clean up. HUGZ.. Thanx you.

Mike (Gazmo): “Pull your tongue…….” You helped for two days, shopping for food and getting the property ready, all that fire wood, (which went quicker then I thought). For being the mad cook, (mmmmm the bacon mushroom burger) All the running around you did, Hey… what took so long that morning when you went shopping?

Janice……. I Love you, do I have to say more? Ok. This would not have happened if it wasn’t for you. You catch yourself say’n “our place” and it’s so cute. I love it! I know you feel at home there, it is partly your home, you own me. L! I miss you when I’m there, and the crib misses you. Thanx so much for all your help and effort you put into this party. oxoxoxoxox I better mention the mad set that you spun too or my balls will be in a vice. LOL… I was great. Xoxoxoox again..

Joker FX Cha

TRIBE Member
Crap! I knew I would forget stuff.
Marcus: You had to leave way early which sucks... But you left behind the Wicked apple pies. Those who had a slice know. MMMMuummmmmmm, So good. I saved the Ice cream cake you made me no one saw that. Wow! I had some last night it's so good. So big thanx to you for the food! and for being able to stop by for a bit.


Klubmasta Will

TRIBE Member
thanks for the hospitality p-air. it was nice to get away from the city and clear my head a bit.

you and janice are great together. hope to see more of you both.

(you too smiley jo, even though you didn't share your cookies with us.)
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Smiley Jo

TRIBE Member
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Klubmasta Will:

(you too smiley jo, even though you didn't share your cookies with us.)

I brought the most enormous bag EVAR, and they only lasted like a couple of hours.
I'll have to hook you up.


Joker FX Cha

TRIBE Member
Yeh W heard that b4, Jo told me that she would bring cookies to my Party. pfft I never saw any.
Jo: "I sware P-air, you ass *finger* I made a huge bag of cookies."



TRIBE Member
Yep. Damned good party.

Cheers everyone, I had the best time being half-drunk I've ever had - and I wasn't hung-over in the morning.

Quit it with the great set biz - I sucked monkey balls. Thank the local record shops for providing me with the best records in Toronto. That's what held it down. I'll have to make it a point to do better next time.

Shit. I hate it when everyone else says everything there was to say before I get a chance to speak.

Thanks Janice and Pierre - you were very hospitable and it was particularly great fun seeing you both again. You should make it a point to make your way downtown more often...and you both know it.

Mind you I never would have made the long-ass journey had it not been for the fact that I had some pretty damned good driving company. And some pretty shitty driving directions. (Thanks Pierre)

Had some fun frying up veggies in a two-inch thick bath of butter with my Italian brother. *highfives*

Cheers double-A for teaching me the difference between Caviar and normal fish eggs. Won't soon forget that.

Whatever. Can't think of a damned thing to add at this point. Thanks everyone.


P.S. The above signed wishes to deem himself to be held harmless for any and all ill activities he may or may not have been involved in, and refuses to be held culpable for anything, in general that may have occured during the normal or abnormal duration of the aforementioned party. Exception: I take full responsibility for the cleaning of the stove.

Smiley Jo

TRIBE Member
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Joker FX Cha:
Yeh W heard that b4, Jo told me that she would bring cookies to my Party. pfft I never saw any.


Well maybe I would have made more of an attempt to get people to save you a few if you hadn't cracked the back of my head off your front lawn!

*gives P-Air the finger*



TRIBE Member
First of all...

Big hugz and thanx to all who made it...i keep sayin' it over and over again, but it's the people and the muzik that made the party...

i was up early on Sat cutting up mad veggies that all disappeared...

i had too much fun...chatting with so many people...
i also got a couple of guyz nekkid into the hot tub with me...(well almost nekkid)...boyz aren't that hard to convince when there's a half-nekkid girl in the tub...

everyone had such a good time, i'm so happy, P took alot of pride into putting this thing together...lots of work...

my highlights....
mike-you pick the carrots you picky motherf'r

3pm...where is everybody?

Marcus-kikass pie, and your green goo is still lyin' around

i never thought a bunny could scream-crazy dawgs!!

Lurch-i was passed out for a bit during your set but i could hear it, and i was like...who the heck is on the decks?...i thought i was hallucinating!!(good thing?/bad thing?)

Finch-thanks for the mad props on my spinnin' skills, you kicked seriously tho...and no i did not take your rekkids----yes i did...;P

Jo-i know who ate all your cookies, that little bro of mark....that iggy piggy...next time we'll have you baking on site!!!
your help in the morning was more than appreciated...

To AA and his crew of, Will, Ivan (the terrible) Bart, and Tamsan, thanks for the ale, and company by the fire...oh yeah and for the proper way to roll bad things and how to make good eggs...elementary 101, fer real!

Chrome-Ivan-I love boyz?.....i didn't know

Too many people showed i can't mention them all, but thanks again from the heart...

somebody pls go over and take that beer away from P-Air!!!!

next time we're in the corn field across the street and peeps will be bused in...we're bringing Liquid back...

mad love in house muzik (that played forever)

ps-Pierre, you rock, i love you more but will stop here to keep Jo's food down...thanks for being you...

pps-Remember everyone 'the toilets are located EVERYEWHERE...'
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Joker FX Cha

TRIBE Member
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Smiley Jo:
Well maybe I would have made more of an attempt to get people to save you a few if you hadn't cracked the back of my head off your front lawn!

*gives P-Air the finger*


Crack your head off my back lawn next time. ROCK BOTTOM!