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Jalapeno in smoothies = teh jesus


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after trying hapanero honey brew i developed a serious taste for fresh hotness in my beverages. it's one thing to chuck some spices in your tea, and it's quite another to include fresh hot peppers.

...so anyway i got home and tried throwing some jalapeno slices into a smoothie, now i'm completely hooked.

just try it. it kicks some serious ass.

i find half a medium sized jalapeno is good for a normal blender. i've been doing them with more lately, but i think it's probably better to start with half if you've never tried it.


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What else do you put in the smoothie?

I can't imagine it going well with my usual fruit, soy milk and protein powder smoothie.


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Gonna have hot peppers ready to harvest shortly. I might actually bite the bullet and give this one a try.


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SmoothOperator said:
That sounds horrible...but then again, so did Keiths & Clamato till I tried it.

I tried beer and clamato recently, and I was pleasantly surprised.

This doesn't seem too out there. Cayenne is used in some of the smoothies at Fresh, I believe. I'd try it too.


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in much of mexico and central america, chillies or chilli sauce is commonly served with fruit as well. I love the sweet/hot combination, it's a mouth fiesta of unparalleled good times.


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anyone try it yet?

i really want to move on to hapanero soon, but i've got lots of jalapenos to finish first...

apparently hapanero is the real way to go though.


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L'ilMisSunshine said:
hmm, maybe. I do love chillies in chocolate.


lots of ice
1 banana
1 or 2 kiwis
1/2 a lemon
brown sugar to taste
1/2 a jalapeno, or use hapanero to taste (careful with the hapaneros!)
top off with cold water or appropriate juice

***optional - handful of cilantro - makes it taste like summer!
***optional - rum or spiced rum



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IgStar said:
beer and Clamato? what the......!!!!!

who's in charge here?!

Ummm....it's a staple in Saskatchewan.

I'm surprised you haven't heard of it.

Even better, Beer and Orange Juice.

Mmm....Cool and refreshing.


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I'm honestly surprised too, considering my abiding love for all that is Clamato!

I'm a bit confused as to WHY I haven't tried this.

the gatekeeper

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I know someone who enjoys what she refers to as a "beezer". This involves ordering a caesar, a pint and and an extra glass and mixing the two in some certain proportion in the extra glass. I'm not sure how I feel about this...I like both seperately but not sure about combining the 2.


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The Keiths & Clamato thing is huge out east. Actually a friend of mine recently visited Halifax and picked it up there. Apparently the mixture somehow creates something that helps you retain water...thus also making it a hangover cure.

the gatekeeper

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Yeah, my friend said that the beezer is her hangover cure. I guess the water retention thing is probably because of all the sodium in the clamato.