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Jacques Strappe - A Funky Odyssey (House)

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by JoshuaReid, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. JoshuaReid

    JoshuaReid TRIBE Member

    Jacques Strappe - A Funky Odyssey
    Length: 71min
    Bitrate: 320Kbps

    1 D-t3ch - House 4 Kicks (Chuck Daniels Remix)
    2 Beyonce ft Missy Elliot - Fighting Temptations (Acapella)
    3 Sonny Fodera - Games
    4 Lady Gaga - Poker Face (Acapella)
    5 The Sexicanz - Bring Some Weed to the DJ Booth (Hector Moralez Ghetto Mix)
    6 Jaswho Feat. Chloe Jarvis - All Night With You (Stacy Kidd Chitown Remix)
    7 D-t3ch - Brain Funk (Hector Moralez Remix)
    8 Missy Elliot - 4 My People (Acapella)
    9 Sonny Fodera - Winter Nights
    10 Sonny Fodera - Lose my Mind
    11 Audiojack - Jack the Keys
    12 Joris Voorn - Sweep The Floor
    13 DJ Josh Blackwell, Miss Babayaga DJ feat. Rachel - Professional Widow
    14 D-T3ch - Swinging for the Fences
    15 Nate Laurence & Scrubfish - People Like We
    16 Dave Allison - Need Yo Funk (Scrubfish Pan Fried Steak Remix)
    17 Sonny Fodera - Something Special
    18 Malente - I Like It (Riva Starr Remix
    19 Phil Weeks - The Grind
    20 Funkagenda Feat. Big Ed - Afterclub (Riva Starr Remix)
    21 Nic Fanciulli - 999
    22 Sonny Fodera - Anxious
    23 Daniel Stefanik - Just One Moment
    24 Fries & Bridges - Undermoves

    So, after working on this for so long, I've come to the point where I think I'm going to just have to accept it's as good as I can get it at the moment. I'm so so so happy with this mix and the way it turned out. It is pure sex in my opinion. I tried to make sure that it flows and takes you on some sort of funk journey by mixing up different feels for the funk, whether it be a techy vibe or full on sax-amophone. I would really really appreciate any feedback on this one, just because I did put so much time into it, but then again, I'm used to this place and feedback isn't to be expected.

    Well, just do me one favor and enjoy this fucker. A lot of hours went in to trying to make this the best mix I've released to date.

  2. JoshuaReid

    JoshuaReid TRIBE Member

    Link fixed. My apologies.
  3. JoshuaReid

    JoshuaReid TRIBE Member


    Anyone listen to this? Lots of views but no comments....

    *le sigh*
  4. Aaron Bradley

    Aaron Bradley TRIBE Promoter

    I did on and this is TIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! I'm definitely going to look into getting some Sonny Fodera


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