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Jacob London Viper Jam


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Now that was a party!!

The Live PA by Jacob London... was absolutely retarded... so good and fresh

Dude was giving her on the bass and they had some bleepy and funky beats all night long :eek:

Great music and vibe allll night long... THANK YOU VIPERS and 999999999

so many friendly people out last night... it was pretty hot in there

i'm sad I missed Dave's set :(

Great opening set by Rich Hope and Sizzle and Rich Sutcliffe was on point as well... the booze was flowing and I always have a sick time at that loft
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raw space

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On behalf of Raw Space, we take our hats off to one freakin' AWESOME JAM! Hands down, the music was bliss all night - Jacob London & Rich Sutcliffe, you are welcome to return ANY TIME. Special thanks to Marinko, Sage, Justin for your sweet sound system, the Vipers and the Nine crew, and of course, all you proper party people who made this one of the best parties here yet.

Here's some memories of the night:











Adam Duke

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Amazing night! Thanks to Viper crew for doing this up...great sets all 'round!

I can't say enough amazing things about the Jacob London guys. Amazing live set - back and forth on the gear, switching it up, live instruments, a bass guitar, an optical synthesizer and talking through a vocoded sock monkey's anus. Followed by a seriously kick ass dj set...


Great space and visuals!

...sweated my ass off!
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KillaLadY said:
I am very sorry I missed this. :(

Same here :(

I've been pretty sick these past few days and thought I could make it out. But my fever kept me in.

Looks like a great time


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raw space said:

i spy with my little eye...big cheese and ace!

wow...good job boys! judging from the pictures it looks like it was off the hook. from the first insurgence to this! i wish i woulda been there but i`m saving my pennies for farina in april...booya!

Booty Bits

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the venue itself (minus the one and only bathroom) was neat, reminded me of loft parties of yore.
the bathroom situation... not so hot.
i am not keen on having to preemptively spend a half hour in line before actually needing to take a pee!
i thought the music was nice but definitely didn't grab me.

it was nice to see some faces i hadn't seen in ages. i would definitely go back to the venue, but man...get some portopotties or something!
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i *cough* fell asleep and didn't wake up until 12:45 :eek:, so by the time I got to the club it was after 2am and I had missed Jacob London entirely. :(

the vibe was wicked — there was a good crowd out that night. I had so much fun, even for the short three hours i was there. plus, i sweated it out good on the dancefloor! :D

Nine and the Vipers crews sure know how to throw a pahty!

Joe Seven

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Agreed. Fantastic night all around. Hats off to Nine, the snake boys, and everyone else involved. Jacob London kicked ass, the crowd was top notch, and after my 2nd visit to Rawspace I can easily say that it is up there with Suds and FW as one of my favourite venues in TO. Bravo bravissimo.
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Big Cheese

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big up the dj's and promoters for putting on a great jam. great great great night, jacob london was wikked and the live shit, must say again, was also very kewl beans. interesting space, i liked the couches upstairs and the balcony thinggie, most of the heads were out n' boot so everywhere you look there's someone you know so even though it's small (relatively speaking) you can still make a move (upstairs, outside, etc...) and see what the fuzz wuz

the one bathroom situation was balls though


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smack said:
Same here :(

I've been pretty sick these past few days and thought I could make it out. But my fever kept me in.

Looks like a great time

What YOU need, my son, is more cowbell.



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First off what a fuckin Jam.....

This was NINES & Vipers first jam together and i this is the most fun party we have had... Expect more... ;)

Was wicked to play with Sylent Syd (Thanks for all your help and support big man). Rich and Don, well what can i say, tis a pleasure, you dropped some fucking awesome tunes, really ecclectic.. I do remember a greenskeepers track being drop, will in fact twice...

JACOB LONDON, well what can i say, theses boys bought the fucking goods, FEDEX stylee, next day priority deliver pre 8am... ;) Their live P.A is something else, complete quiality yet fun house music... JL, i take my hat off to you... The boys followed it up with a dirty DJ set as well...

Rich sutcliffe is the fuckin man.... He was buzzed to get on the decks, and holy fuck the man did not dissapoint. This guy is gonna be huge!!! Watch out... Was wicked to see Rich and Dave going back to back at the end...

Once again, thanks to everyone who came out to make this such a memorbale night for all you and NINE & Vipers.. Muchos Gracias... Now wheres the Jager? ;)

Mrs. Pink

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had a blast, got far too wasted.....paying for it still today....

anyone grab my bass for me? i left it there.....:S


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Mat your bass is at Don's apt, safe and sound.

not much left to say, just a great night all around. The crowd was really the best part, nobody sketchy and everyone chatty and smiley. Highlight musically for me was JL's DJ set, that was something else. hearing Dave and Ryan play so well together early on was a treat as well

thanks to everyone who came!:)
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Fun times! My neck was still kinda screwed up, so I didn't dance too much, but nevertheless enjoyed the music. The crowd was fantastic, and the space just the right size for that amount of people. Next time it'd be great if a few fans were set out though - got pretty stuffy in there. Is it boiler heating (i.e. unable to adjust individually - I had a loft like that once) in there? Seemed like the heat was on.

Thanks to everyone who put in the work to make this a well-run event.
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