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Jackin' the box?!


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is anyone around here checking this out?

this party is gonna be pure fun times....i can't wait to get a chance to hear these EXTREMELY UNDERRATED djs rinsing out their siiiiiiiiiiick record collections.

there's gonna be CLASSIC HOUSE played by, my hero, RICK TOXIC. and also chris morelli, lexx and DAVE COOPER!!!

and then, there's gonna be classic 'ARDCORE JUNGLE (like serious 92/93 bidness)....played by none other than, FRANKIE GUNNS, RECOIL and DJ RISE. these guys have the deepest crates in the city....

and then, JUST when you thought it couldn't get ANY better....there's gonna bay and OLDSCHOOL FUNK SET! by 0=0!

this is all happening at the labyrinth lounge on boxing day....for only 5 bones.
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ok so no one else cares about classic ardcore jungle (or house or funk) around here....

this troubles me.


ah well, i'm excited for this.
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yay Zorak!

thanks for spreadin the word

this party will be off the hook! .. seriously people, come check this

it's a great line-up of classic house and classic ardcore junglizm ...

so many great tunes that came out back in the early days that lots of the newer heads may not have had a chance to hear before

... these gems need to be dug up so they can get some more play, and that's what it's all about this Friday

see ya there!
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Originally posted by recoil

yay Zorak!

thanks for spreadin the word


Cant wait for tonite! Classic House w00t!