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Jackin' Nick Mack- You people don't even know!!


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hey everyone...
i'm just here to reveal you to an awesome dj...he is a little more insane than Badboybill in style, cuts are short and there's alot of play with the mixer...

i picked up both his recent cd's
the first is super bangin' with 47 tracks!!
ranging from sneak to basement jaxx shizit!!
the second is sweeter more clubby...with 25 tracks

if you guys wanna switch it up pick these 2 cd's up....
i got mine at traxx in 'Sauga but i'm sure they have them downtown...
ps-why does this guy hide in his basement?


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Why does he hide in his basement....

..... cuz he makes his shit R2R (reel to reel) notice how perfect the mixes are and how fast they are... shouldn't he be making more money that BadBoyBill ???? Why isn't he getting booked if he's that good ?

I bought 2 of his tapes over 3 years ago

and some other one with a weird name and a weird pic on the cover.

he used to dj with 'JAMMIN AARON HERRERA' but because in the FIVE YEARS I've known about this guy... I'VE NEVER SEEN HIM PLAY A CLUB OR RAVE.

Even when I was doing jams years ago... I even called him about playing a party for us... he gave us a HUGE run-around.... pure problems.

So, ... the question is... can he really mix ? or is it all 'studio magic' ?????

If someone could clarify this... this has been a question that's been sitting in a dark corner of my mind for years... thanks discodancer j for reminding me. wow.