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Jack Layton diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

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Layton diagnosed with prostate cancer


Last Updated: 5th February 2010, 2:14pm

Federal NDP leader Jack Layton, pictured with his wife and fellow NDP MP Olivia Chow, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. (QMI file photo) OTTAWA - Declaring “I’m a fighter,” Jack Layton said today he will undergo treatment for prostate cancer but plans to stay on as leader of the federal New Democratic Party.

With his wife, MP Olivia Chow, standing behind him, he told a press conference he would stay as MP for Toronto Danforth and added he would be on the job Monday morning.

Layton noted prostate cancer can be successfully beaten. He said he had just begun his treatment and felt well.

But he joked he might have to watch the Olympics a bit more than planned as he recuperated. He said Canada’s Olympic athletes would be a source of inspiration for him.

The announcement comes only a few days after Layton, 59, cancelled a speech he was to deliver Sunday to NDP leaders from across the country. His office said he had injured his back at the gym.

During an interview with Sun Media Thursday, Layton appeared slightly distracted.

Layton said this afternoon the back problem was unrelated to his diagnosis.

Prostate cancer is a disease that hits particularly close to home for Layton. His father, former Conservative cabinet minister Robert Layton, stepped down from the House of Commons in 1993 after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Robert Layton eventually died in 2002 at age 76 from complications from prostate cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

Layton spent a lot of time with his father in his final years, visiting him every day in a nursing home.

Like my dad I’m a fighter and I’m going to beat this,” Layton said.

Olivia Chow has also been successfully treated for thyroid cancer.

“She won her battle and I’m going to win mine as well,” Layton said.

A former university professor and Toronto city councillor, Layton has built up the NDP’s popularity since he took over as leader in 2003, growing the party’s seat count in the House of Commons to 37.


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I wish him well. I remember meeting him outside of Spadina subway station on morning on my way to high school, his bike leaning against the wall and him handing out flyers for his campaign for councillor. The second time in the middle of Parliament St while campaigning for an opposing party, I met him I thanked him and Ms Chow for their stand with the rave community a few years back. I think he's a great politician who understands the urban cause. I think he'll be all right.


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Ya hopefully they caught it in time. My dad went through this last year, they removed his prostate and there wasn't any spread so he's more or less back to normal now. Prostate cancer IS treatable without chemo and all that unpleasantness IF you get diagnosed early.

Layton's an awesome guy. His daughter Sarah went to my high school, I went to a couple parties at the Layton-Chow house and Jack took us to the beer store to stock up, they were the kind of parents who let their kids have alcohol at parties as long as they were in the house.. which was cool 'cuz Layton and Chow are pretty cool guys to start with.


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Sad news. However, Jack Layton seems to live a very healthy lifestyle, so perhaps his chances of beating this are high.

His chances of beating this are directly related to the stage of the cancer at diagnosis. if caught early, prostate cancer is very treatable. I wonder if that information will become available.
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He has a strong constitution, and I have no doubt he will beat this. As the article mentioned, him and Olivia are no strangers to a cancer fight so they are well prepared.
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My dad went through this in 2008. It was caught very early and they didn't even need to remove his prostate. He's all good now. I wish him well!