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jack- it!


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Wednesday feb 4th

Marlee ( www.djmarlee.com ) Neotribe
James Hennessy
Caroline 0.1 (Techno Diva Extrordinare)
Jonny C ( High Fidelity Radio)

Come one come all,
3 dollar draft
5 dollar cover.

@ the red jacket 751 View St.

This night should be great, Marlee opened for jelo on friday and those in attendance know what a great show she puts on. For those who havent seen her come down and see what the talk is about.

James Hennessy 's bringin down Final scratch to play with lots on New material !

Caroline's Rockin her trademark minimal techno sound.

and lastly Jonny C's having his Club debut so come down show your support to this tech-house up 'n' comer.

hope to see you all there!

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