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J2ME Apps for Download


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Sorry to geek out...

but I have been on a mission to locate J2ME apps, specifically tetris and other appropriately addictive time wasting games. I am personally getting sick of Sega's Barkhov or whatever it is. And refuse to code my own version of tetris, given its wanton availability.

Problem is, it seems to be very hard to locate these on the intarweb. The subject also (surprisingly) doesnt have a newsgroup.

Considering they're all like 40k, im sure there's a site that has billions of them for sampling. But I can't find them. Surely someone here must know a little birdy who could tell me...

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i have windows entertainment pack that i got off someone elses computer

its addictively fun :)
and it includes tetris (one or 2 players)



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this site contains a history of the game tetris and links to downloads (i didn't test them).

it also contains links to the story of how one of the inventors of the game lost it and murdered his wife and children :eek: :(


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J2ME = Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition. It's the "OS" for some mobile phones out there and there are a bunch of games available.

Jeff's too cheap to pay for them.

And too lazy to make his own.