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J MAJIK @Turbo

ecstasy riot

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dubs and dubs and dubs.. other than the record skipping and stuff.. amazing music.. crowd was way too sketchy for Turbo..and way too packed...

I'm off but maybe more later.
NIce seeing all the TBK, and Shannon you do that agin, yr dead, you stay home when yr sick!



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The long awaited debut appearance of the infamous J Majik finally took place @ this jam!

Of course...what to expect? Nothing but pure headz everywhere representing the basement of TURBO ram jammed inside with minimal space to dance. Don't get me wrong...it was still all good.

Despite the frequent skipping needles and some shambled (is that a word? haha) mixes, J Majik alongside MC MC still did not disappoint.

Wikkid track selection..from start to finish.

Some notable tracks that hi-lighted the nite:

"Love is not a Game" (Dillinja remix) - oh gosh....killer! And I thought the original was slammin.

"Spaced Invaders" (J Majik remix) - even though not that hard and deep in the b-lines and 'ting...still a wikkid chune! Got the crowd movin....nice buildups.

"Planet Dust" (BC) - damn...harsh to hear this track on a big system!

Of course..how can you forget "Up All Night", "the Lizard" and some other dance floor smashers.

What was with his tease of "Brand New Funk"??!! He didn't friggin' drop the tune....oh wellz.

Best of track of the nite had to be the very last track..."Your Sound VIP"....ouch!!! Nuff said....

Big up the Turbo crew for letting the infrared man himself touch down.

Big up Oranges, Ist and other peeps. I think I saw janiecakes...wasn't sure if it was you though.



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It was pretty nice, although I spent more time upstairs than downstairs during his set. For some reason there were a lot of people on K downstairs, which would probably account for the sketchiness.

Mistress Barbara played a pretty decent set as well. Some of those buildups were pretty insane... Her mixing wasn't as good as I've heard before, but keeping 3 turntables in check is never easy...


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i was pretty hyped for this set. a friend had seen him in washinton back in november and has been talking about him since. his tune selection was incredible and the mixes were so tight as i heard. so needless to say i was excited to see him in action.

i didn't notice much of the sketchiness; i rarely pay attention to other people when i go out. all i need is good tunes and great mixes,...

...and what did i get. only one of the two. mixes were ABSOLUTE CRAP!!!!! i think there was a technical difficulty that they couldn't work out. i'd hate to believe that turbo didn't have backup needles that worked properly. on either note, marcus had some trouble with the first few mixes i heard too, so i think something was pretty fucked up. disappointed that he didn't figure out that his mixes didn't work, and revert back to doing quick and simple mixes to get through the night. simply put: if the mixes aren't working, make them shorter, and rely on the tunes.

as for the tunes in specific, he dropped some more down tempo stuff here and there and then came back with some of the hardest dubs. great selection. then he had a handful of tunes that were very different than what we normally hear. he definitely showed us a lot of new material.

overall the mixes ruined the set for me. i did enjoy parts of the set, but i couldn't enjoy all the tunes because he kept doing shitty mixes with them. biggest example was his last tune, or should i say last two. he play this one track i absolutely love with another tune mixed over it. not impressed at that seeing as it sounded like crap.

i heard a little bit of marcus right after him, and from what i heard, marcus was going to wipe the floor with j majik. i'll be waiting for j majik's return, when all the equipment works right and his mixes are better. definitely going to give him another chance because of the needle/technical problem.



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i think i expected too much. i didn't hear as many dubs as i hoped to, his mixing wasn't always consistent and the needle skipping (altho it wasn't his fault) really did have an affect on his set. other than that i had a good time. he dropped alien girl and bacteria which i can't complain about. too many unnecessary rewinds but the last track he dropped was nasty (it got what...4 rewinds??). mc mc is my favourite mc and i haven't seen him since the last hard sound so it was a treat to hear him again. he was a nice compliment to j majik. (usa to the uk???

the crowd was a bit sketchy and i did hear more than one person going on about k while i was travelling through the crowd. it wasn't your regular turbo crowd tho..there seemed to be a lot of younger people (and when i say younger..i mean they looked like they were around 16 years old).

lexusboy and rudebwoy..it was nice meeting you two (however brief it was). it was also nice seeing meghin (sorry for burning your hand) and mike, ist, basic and stormshadow (hope you enjoy the cheeziness on the cd

note to promoters..do something about coat check on busy nights such as friday. there's nothing i hate more than having to wait over 30 minutes to get my coat and bag.
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2 rude

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aight aight, check this out:
seeing j majik, i was bored!
i wasn't even paying attention to the needle skipping (but i did hear it), i just wasn't impressed at all with j's track selection. he'd drop a good tune here and there that i was into, and then for 20 minutes it just sounded like filler to me. i just ended up staring around the room, looking at people...wondering why so many girls look like guys these dayz...my mind wandering in all these directions, waiting for some mad mixing skillz or at least for a tune i haven't heard before but nope...none of that. i am very disappointed..............

maybe mr. majik had a bad night or something, maybe he was jet-lagged i dunno.. i ended up leaving early cuz i just figured after 2 hours of no real build-up or constant vibe, it wasn't gonna get any better...apparently he played a wicked last tune (re: tella's comment),,,what was it? 4 rewinds??

anyways, seeing j majik, i appreciate the local crew so much more. at least i know what i'm getting into 'round here. i was so excited all week, 'j majik' 'j majik' telling all these people i know to come out. and....bored was I!

also i feel cheated cuz i know j majik has more tunes than he let us hear. cheapskate!
me na understand.. why dj's don't play their chunes..?!!

on another tip: an idea for the coatcheck problem in clubs ... get paid lockers, like they have in shopping malls where you put in yr loonie and you keep the key and store your shit in it. it's an investment but it's so much better for the people

for all the j majik's (aka all djs) out there and club owners.. think about the people! what can best be done to serve the people?!


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i suspect that the problem's with the skipping were soundsytem related and not due to the needles. it's just common sense that they would have back-up needles if it was a needle problem, these people are professionals, right?

i wasn't overly impressed with the set. i was expecting to hear ALL dubs (what's with nasty wayz, etc.?) and his mixing was shoddy. i'd rather hear mystical playing j majik's tunes. i know he's a producer and all, but c'mon. hole up in your studio and practice a bit for two weeks and he'd be up to par...it's only two step.

am i the only one who wasn't impressed with the "love is not a game" remix? one word: SIMPLE. it saddens me that this is what passes for jungle nowadays (in the mainstream at any rate). on the positive side, the bass was very very sweet pretty much throughout the night.

didn't notice much dodginess except one girl saying that she was gonna roll me cuz i told her to get to the back of the coat check line like everyone else had to. shit like that just makes me laugh anyways.

on the plus side, it's always good to see janie, tamara, et al. and booty bits it was nice to meet you...you're cute!



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i pretty much agree with everyone else's comments. he was OK... but nothing that special. though i guess the needles did have a large part to play.

ahwell, nice to see

tella (nice meeting you hun)




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twas an alright night...not the grand event that i was expecting...spent the whole night trying to find a little spot to shake my ass...marcus was ruff on me....don't like the coat check line stretching all the way across the dancefloor though...and why does downstairs close an hour and a half before upstairs??? eh..what are you going to do...

got to see tella (briefly) and chuck the early bird and i lix (i think)...and janie w/ the wake up call.....



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I'm too lazy to write much, but what a wicked time...who cares about the mixing-->the tunes and vibe made up for it! yeah yeah

Evan K
Chaotic Vibes

"Don't fake the funk on the nasty dunk!!"
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I was soooo not going Friday untill about 9pm when i had the sudden urge for some jungle. I got there.. got drunk, danced, almost passed out, had a lot of fun, didn't wait in line

becuz i don't wait in line

and left at 2:30 -- earliest I've ever left anything. Majik was wicked but it coulda been polka all night and i wouldn't have noticed. The flu sucks but I just had to make it out and shake my ass with all my friends
i have some seriously amazing party friends. the high point in my night was dancin and lookin around to see people i love dancin and smiling, throwing there hands in the air.. the low point in the night would have to be almost passin out from dancing like a crazy women and somehow making it to the bathroom where I took off most of my clothes in order to cool down ~ very glamorous!!

mental note: one cannot do the same things on rev as one can on ex

anyway.. had fun, it was a turbo night out

good to see Booty Brains
I was good no?


apfrosick&delerious(but still dancing)

evil homer

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had a wicked time...felt like i'd lost my groove over the past few months, but friday i got it back...see you all on dancefloors 'cross ontario real soon

what's the name of his newer tune..helium vocals and then a keyboard sound really similar to 'lizard'?



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I just typed up a whole review and lost it...I'm condensing it this time...

Basically I had on ok time but by the time I left, I was quite ready to do so...Mystical & Sniper tore it up, but JMajik wasn't worth the hype...I didnt go upstairs much...as mentioned b4 too many f*ed up people (whacked out people thinking I was their/a dealer, and hounding me even though I repeadetly told them that I wasn't - I eventually told them I was out)...not as good as I had hoped, but the people made up for it, as I had some epic conversations...
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by evil homer:

what's the name of his newer tune..helium vocals and then a keyboard sound really similar to 'lizard'?


It's "Up All Night" by John B. Forthcoming on Metalheadz.



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Despite the insanely packed club and the records skipping, I had a great time. There's was something different about the crowd that night, but I won't go into that.
I liked J Majik's set, but I guess because I was so pumped, anything could of sounded good. I missed the beginning of his set, but I enjoyed the tracks he was playing. I was expecting more plates though!! Some of his mixes were pretty cool, especially when he'd tease a track.
And he put an effect over Alien Girl, which sounded sick.
But of course, they're were some very noticable botched mixes. The kind that make you cringe. Oh well, just gotta keep remembering that he's a producer.

I was pumped when I heard "Up All Night" building up because I've never heard it on a big system before. When it dropped it did nothing for me. Meh? I why must we have to hear Messiah!!!? Why?!
But I must say that the last track he dropped was SICK!!! It knocked me off my feet! Good lord.
And I gotta give respct to MC MC, the man has a wicked voice and great energy! I'd rather see him come to T.O. more often than a lot of the overbooked MCs that seem to be hear every month (*cough*Skibba).
Overall I had a fun night, but I always do in Turbo's basement.


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SLAMMIN!!! Thanks to Penny, Adam, Debbie, Frank, and Ryan for goin out friday night.. after being at the docks all evening, we didn't wanna call it a night so we kept on going, and it was awesome.. Turbo is one sick club.. the music in there is soooooo loud, takes forever to get a drink, but the music was superb! It was packed, but we found room to dance and get into trouble.. Misstress Barbara was slammin techno down on
3 decks upstairs and she was relentless - non stop pounding techno.. I'm quite interested to check out her new release on Moonshine, if its anything like she plays out it'll be a must buy. Headed on down to the basement and it was slammin down there also - J Majik and MC MC were doing a damn fine job, it was hard and pounding, and people were enjoying it full on.. went
back and forth up and down the stairs to enjoy both floors, to me it was worth the $20 to get in.. although we did lose Ryan and went back to the hotel without him, but adam reassured us it was ok so its his fault. =)

day 1 - lost 1 person, rev intake was at an extreme, day started at 11am, night ended about 5am, one pissed off cab driver "no no no take 5 people," us - "shut it, we'll pay ya." My body is still paying for this night...


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I thought JM brocked it out, but I actually enjoyed snipers set better.

At one point, I thought JM had this crazy squealing noise layered overtop of one his tracks--then I realized that it was somekind of alarm going off due to the firedoor being slightly ajar. Meh.

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Booty Bits

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dot.commie, its funny you mention that because i was upstairs that night listening to the beginning of misstress barbara's set when i walked by these two guys leaning up against the bar.
one of them says to the other "hey, whats that crazy sound in the Highs?"
and i lean over and say "umm thats the fire alarm."
he was pretty embarassed, but i thought it was hilarious.


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Yeah it's scary to think that the fire alarm could go off and barely be heard. Not only is that dangerous but it also speaks to how deaf we are probably gonna be in later life.