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Due to misscommunication I couldn't make it out...
how was it ??
I'm sure the music kicked ass


Jelo rocked it!

highlight of the night, 50 000 watts!

beach boys rule!

peace out!


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this just in: massive blob invades Life niteclub.

Jelo turned the place inside out. Definetly the most diverse cowrd of people I've seen in the club to date. Could I ask for a more enjoyable evening at Life? the answer is no.

Peace & love. D

orange richie

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I can't beleive it. JELO turned Life into a 'rave'. Hahahaha. No I'm not joking it was pretty weird but cool. Different crowd but even the regulars got down to Jelo's pounding grooves. Nice to see a change at Life. There was even room to dance...

I said before I'll say it again. Nicole: Damn you got sexy moves!!! Lot's of fun...

Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...
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Jelo never ever dissapoints!

Brought two of my friends along and they had a kick ass time as well.

It was a very diverse crowd and made for a extremely humerous and enjoyable night.



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...by far the best DJ in the city right now, no one has his energy and passion!


I don't like it there at all, what's with the're $10.50 Red Bull and Vodka, Yeah $10.50!!

Whatever Jelo's beats made me forget that my wallet was empty.

Round, round, get a round, I get a round, Yeah!!

Bobby Thrust

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Yup, $25 for 2 double JD & Cokes was lame...
but I am happy that Jelo rocked it out and that good people invaded that all black uniform and glittery den of Life.

Nice one!


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by twitch:
Due to misscommunication I couldn't make it out...
how was it ??
I'm sure the music kicked ass
Umm yeah... I had the same problem, couldn't make it, eventhough I made plans 2 weeks in advance. And I ended up not going thanks to my best friend.

I heard Jelo was good.


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Had a great time Saturday, even though I wasn't too up for it when we headed out. Jelo pumped out the tunes and undoubtedly through out his back. Anyone else notice that when he really gets into it - the heavy thrashing head bobs - that he is eerily reminiscent of Animal from the Muppets?

Oh yeah...I've enjoyed the couple of times that I've been to Life. There is definitely an element of glam, but not more so than say Tonic on Wednesday or System on Friday or Saturday - at least the times I've been.
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It was a pretty sick evening!! Beach boys come on! That was the first time I've ever heard that track and I think it was pretty rockin! Would anyone know the label and name of that track? I just want to get around!O ya big up's to jelo for one of the sickest sets I've ever heard him play. It' to bad they ran out of CD's before I got a chance to grab one! next time