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IUDs? a question for the ladies

Metal Morphosis

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I'd like to get some information about IUDs, not just statistic stuff from the net but actual testimonials from anyone who has used one / continues to use one.

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I talked to my doctor about it and she recomended for me not to get one. I have problems taking synthetic hormones and the new ones contain a form a progesterone. The older (copper t) ones use copper which somehow works but my doctor says this leads to women having more painful / heavy/ longer periods. Plust their is stil small posibility of permanant damage, and seeing as I wan't to have kids definately I didn't want to take the risk.
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Originally posted by rejenerate
If you're a guy, you should also know what an IUD is!


Hahaha I've met SO many guys that are totally clueless about birth control and VERY general women-body stuff. Even if they have had several steady gfs!

"does it feel good to put in a tampon?" "you mean women only have 2 ovaries?"

:rolleyes: Geez guys...

on a tangent, but whatever...


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Yeah, I knew a guy who got grossed out by tampons.
He was like "owohhh I can't believe you put that in there and it stays there"


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i asked my dr.

she says she is very reluctant to give them to younger women because there is a risk (ie. it pops out and could puncture things that you need to live and/or make babies with)
and recommended 'the shot' over an IUD for someone my age.

i know a couple of girls that have them..they seem to work a-0k though.
aand the new ones are made with progesterone (to ease cramps & heavy flow)

i hear not all women can handle an IUD, without it being painful..it depends on your shape.
you should ask your dr., its your choice..but they will probably be able to help you find what works best and most comfortably for your particular body.

so i dont have one..but i was asking about one recently? heh?
i thinking the shot sounds like a better alternative.
because..even after learning about iuds; im still uncomfortable with the idea of it

and now everyone knows :) hurrah



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Originally posted by kat

the shot sounds like a better alternative

I had a really bad reaction to this :(

Apparently it doesn't happen to everyone, but watch out if it does.
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