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it's wednesday night

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you can always be an ass it's your constitutional right

Originally posted by Agatka8

And why aren't you at Element tonight...?

i had to do some school related stuff

and now i'm being forced to watch teh bachelor with a friend


i really enjoy wednesday nights there i actually look forward to them all week. so i'm hoping to use this thread to fill the void left by the 2.50 drinks
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I have to work in the morning.... and I hate hangovers at work... and I'm trying to cut down on the weeknight drinking... and I have to save for our trip to Cuba

but I'd love to be there :(


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I'm going to Element. I have some debts to pay and some beer to drink.

P.S Jennika...Tastes of Hong Kong after Element = no hangover

Boss Hog

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working on these

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at first I couldn't decide which gilmore girl I wanted more

then I decided and it was good

but then I undecided and it was confusing,

but now I don't care, and it's fucking amazing, more than twice as good, oddly enough.
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Cheer Bear

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because i got out of the shower, and i'm now fat

so now i'm depressed

no really, it's cause i'm saving for important tings


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Originally posted by quantumize
why aren't you at element ?

I want to go sooooooooooo bad. But I am super tired, so I don't think I can go. Unless I have some huge burst of energy all of a sudden.
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