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It's time for a 2004 say something nice about someone thread!

Temper Tantrum

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Maybe i'm just in denial about the catatonic state of the scene in TO (it's not dead, it's on hiatus!) but i'm feeling like more of the PLUR stuff needs to be spread around here. Their seem to be a growing abundance of incredibly intelligent, concise, educated posters who delight in solely mocking and ridiculing those that don't meet their approval for whatever reason ;) My point is too much conflict over too little reasons...(Or maybe i'm just a damn raver at heart)

ANYWAYS. Use this thread to say something positive to as many or as little people as you want, on or off of tribe, or who you've never met!

My love goes out too:

squirrelly: Quite possibly the happiest accident in the timeline of history i perceive since penecillin! and frozen pizzas. Someone so damn full of love, beauty, energy and strength it floors me. Robs, we met over a 40 of vodka on the beach, but luckily our friendship evolved- cheesy teen romance flicks, gingerbead men, floating boobies, fudgecicle icecream, halloween @ deux! sex in the city, rats, your cornucopia of dirty dishes, collingwood, (slides, nintendo, the apprentice, whiteouts oh my!), boyfriends pushing cars i'm driving that i forgot to take the emergency brake off of, wendy's, starbucks caramel frappuchinos, mismatched, hottubs, hamster care hardcovers, chilli at bishop and belcher.
Point is: a million memories i wouldn't trade for the world.

Pyrovitae: haven't seen you in months. Yet Nat, i have always and will continue to maintain what an absolute inspiration you are to me. Your intelligence, experience, perseverance and self-knowledge are awe-inspiring. Your the type of woman you has given me Sartre books in French and taken me to tibetan restaurants, and danced so hard in a bra and pants at Stereo in MTL that i had to fend of the GAY men on you! Stunning, breathtaking, phenomenal.

Hades- I can honestly say it's SO rare that two exes that dated in a significant manner are eventually able to actually become good friends. We were lucky. Despite the six months of rockiness, in the last 2 months you've been the most amazingly supportive, considerate, kind, caring, generous person i could ever ask for. Sometimes you know me better then myself, and it's nice to have someone in your life who just 'gets' you, and cares enough to help.

Your only fault is you must stop laughing so much at AdamAnt's jokes. He thinks he's funny enough without extra encouragement.

JeSUX (is THAT how you spell it?): Jess, as flaky as you can be, you are always a beyond amazing friend and so damn smart i occasionally get intimidated. The thing i love about you most is having been at Mcgill and U of T (me) being almost done my joint-honours I am surrounded by people who can't hold a torch to your imagination, insight and opinions. You have never (yet) chosen to attend post-secondary education yet you've independently educated yourself intellectually more then most 3rd and 4th year students i know. That passion for learning and that talent for retaining and learning from aquired knowledge is rare- and i love that in you. You are the only girl i've ever known who buried her nose in Ann Rand's (spelling?" "Fountain Head" at a martini party and ignored every other stimulus because you LIKED this book.
Plus your a redhead with fabulous style and a very cold and hard floor :p

Lil'Timmy- your nickname is the antithesis of the size of your heart. Never have I met someone who acts so selflessly is everything he does. Whether you've known him one night or 5 years, tim will do just about anything for anyone just because that's who he is. No alterior motive, no guilt, just pure selflessness...in this day and age how often does one see that? He's been there for me more then i could ever count. Loyal, generous, supportive, funny...He works out on the elliptical machine with me on my lunch break at our gym just to fend of testosterony guys....he will volunteer to take me to cheesy teen-style movies like 'win a date with Tad Hamilton' just cuz he knows i love them...footrubs, Xbox, chilli and more! Their are saints less philanthropic then him.

Emil- You have blue hair. You rock climb. You can beat me at scrabble, Boggle, trivial pursuit and 70 percent of our debates. That's deity status right there! Again someone who gives and gives and gives, who has been there for me and dropped everything at a single phone call. Rented a car too drive to my home just to give me a hug. Goes with me too all the 'artsy' and 'cultural' events i always want to see without a complaint. Buys me pirate flags at Monster Truck. Brilliant, selfless, stubborn, genius, loyal.

Montreal Jess- You've put up with me for 8 or 9 years. You would travel 550 km to hang out with me when things were bad just to make sure i was okay. you gave me all the notes for all the classes i constantly skipped. you taught me how to do an eskimo roll in a canoe. You organized a surprise birthday for me on my 16th and 21st bday.....And those were the two most memorable bdays of my life. Your known in toronto solely as "HOT JESS" but everyone i introduce you too constantly asks about you, male or female because your awesome energy is THAT strong. I'm fucking lucky to know you.

Montreal Chrissie- Nothing can describe what this girl means to me. The hardships she's been through is a thousand times more then what most of us will experience in our lives, yet she remained strong, kind and stunning inside and out. her strength always inspires and humbles me. One of my best friend of 9 years....undescribable.

Ritika- The measure of a true friendship is not quantity but quality. Though with the hundreds of kilometeres that seperate our lives it's much harder to talk as often as we once did, you are the sort of person that will always matter, no matter what. Stubborner then me, you've been my rock and my mirror...but whatever the situation yesterday, today, tomorrow...i always love you.

AdamAnt- There's nothing to say that can do justice to the most wonderful boy in the world. You swept into my life like a hurricane, argued, charmed, mumbled, dreamed, and laughed your way into my heart. You saved me without even realizing it six months ago, just by being genuine and straight up to me. I can't believe how much you've taught me (and learned from me ;) ), in only half a year. Your so fucking gorgeous inside and out. (though i still declare i should get first dibs at the mirror when we're living togehter!). I love you so much, and can't ever fathom how you've given me so much.

Derek (alchemy) - This week you left me waiting for you in a coffee shop for an hour. But i still couldn't get mad at you. That says a lot of how much you mean to me! I've drawn+quartered friends before with my witty discourse for such attrocities! Yet thats impossible with you. Sometimes we're far too much a like, other time far too different. Yet you always take the time too really care, worry, and advise me on my life - and i appreciate that so much.

Rich- You scare most people when they first meet you. And the second, third, fourth, fifth time too. around the sixth one is used enough to your energy to see you for you, and those lucky people that stuck around are rewarded a million times over. You took me on my first motorcycle in canada at 260 km. You drove all the way to montreal many times when i lived there just to visit. You slept through grand prix because you were up late talking to me. You appreciate fashion and family guy and mary jane. No one could be cooler.

My (now-ex) roomies in MTL: The 3 boys that taught me how to PS2, how to change a tire, use an electric saw, stuff a turkey, build a porch, lift weights, how to smoke a hookah, hook up speakers in our fridge/bathroom/foosball table, yell at a bitchy landlord, make a good stirfry, ignore mess+disorder and claim no messes were my own. And bought me my first season of buffy the vampire slayer on DVD for our first christmas, HOW COOL IS THAT? most guys just give cash....you guys gave me the gift of BUFFY . Oh, and moved all of my stuff from my first apartment to our place when it was unpacked and messy as fuck because i was too lazy to come back from asia and do it. The vegetarian dinners you always cooked for me were much appreciated too. After you guys, i will never live with girls!

I miss you guys more then you'll know! (and PS XBOX is WAY better then playstation)

Thats enough for now.

Someone close to me recently developed a very serious and debilitating illness- though they are recovering, initially it seemed they might not and it made me realize i can never take ANYONE i care for granted. Too often we're caught up in insignifcant details that we blow out of proporsion because we make them more important then they are. Their not. 20 years from now your not going to think back to who hogged the remote, bummed too many cigarettes or mooched food to much. Your going to remember the people in your life who changed that life. Those that weren't convenience friends but were lifetime companions.

The point is, had i never been able to tell this person i loved after they fell ill how much they meant to me, and changed me, and saved me over the last decade....in a state where they could have understanded what i meant...i would have regreted it forever.

Friendship and love are blessings. NEVER waste them.

~allie~ --> official longest thread i've started on tribe in 3 years
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Temper Tantrum

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And just cuz..some photos of those who never cease to amaze, frustrate, challenge and support me. I still can't believe i'm deserving enough for these wonderful characters




Two of my MTL roomies and chrissie


Ritika and Chrissie. helping me pack for Asia 15 minutes before the cab got there. Then they chased the cab all the way down the street so they could say goodbye for the 4th time pounding on the window and yelling so i could hear. i cried after, cuz i was so damn lucky to have people that would miss me that much.


Lil Timmah trying to skate after a 10 year absence from the ice. Adorable.


Hades and nusty at NYE 02-03. I forgot too mention Dave. We dated in grade 9 and are still friends at the end of university. That says a LOT. (mostly on his patience for me). He gave himself dreads when we were together one night at the dining hall at boarding school for dinner. And i didn't break up with him. (hey, it was gr. 9/10, stuff that superficial WAS really important) that says a lot about how cool he was. When he was 13 no one thought he was as hot as I did, he was considered by school populace to be 'average'. 3 years later every girl is drooling after him. I TOLD YOU SO LADIES. Amazing friend, caring, trance lover, has a belly button ring and does martial arts. Takes pmsy female friends for bubble tea or pancakes. my fault he's on tribe.

Temper Tantrum

TRIBE Member

AdamAnt, JeSUX. Sherading the 'our eyes must never meet' theory. Because apparently they're both convinced of their individual UNPARALLELED hotness that should their eyes ever meet, the uhh 'hotness' would cause the world to explode. or something.


Better timmah pic


A lot of people that have just been so phenomenal to me. And are really cool. You should ask them if their on tribe if you ever see them.


Roomate and rat-dog.


derek, robin.


Emil the Smurf!


Hot jess!

And these are those that mean the world too me. I did a similar thread to this one last year, so i apologize if anyone finds the matter repetitive, but it seems there should be more love, happiness and positivity in most people's lives. Those that mean the world to you may know you love them, but they also need to hear it! and know how much you appreciate them. The point is, celebrate all the wonderful people your blessed with :)

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also, allie, it's awesome that you have such a good relationship with your friends. congratulations. i know this feeling...and there's nothing better. :)

also also, last night, while shoveling the snow, for some reason, i thought about the "say something nice about somebody" thread. it just popped into my head. coincidence? I THINK NOT! i'm psychic.
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I would like to say that SelfExel is super cool. He's a smart one that guy, can dance like a demon too. What a guy!
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Boss Hog

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lol @ this thread.

Allie has good intentions. All comments in here comments are very telling of th e people posting them.
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The people I truly care about know it because I tell them whenever I see them or talk to them on the phone or email them.


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Originally posted by Boss Hog
lol @ this thread.

Allie has good intentions. All comments in here comments are very telling of th e people posting them.

You're a dunderhead.
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