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It's so cute!


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was it here that that was done or was it somewhere else i saw that. either way the seal is cute, but no anal for me thanks.

(ps. I sent that link to all of my friends that had computers class that morning, half of them opened it) :D


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I did the same thing at work.....

My boss came out of his office with a face so red....

I was scared.

But he was embarressed because he said he was on the phone with his dad at the time.

So I laughed

Then he laughed

"He's such a little trooper."


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yes thank you!!! i didn t save the link the last time it was posted!!

ooh soo many email inboxes to infiltrate :D

heh heh


ps: [insert bitchy comment about it having been posted here before and reference to pac man quote here]